Jacket: Classic O Jean Jacket in Geo Weave by Bettina Liano / Fur vest: Wish / Leggings: Bonds / Boots: Betsey Johnson / Shirt underneath: Random Asian

Dallas & Carlos

Easter is fantastic. It gives me an excuse to consume copious amounts of chocolate. I do this every single day,

Paula Prentiss

Paula Prentiss was a ’60s comedic actress. With that badass alliterative name and such stunning facial features, I’m surprised she’s

picnic rug

This week is completely filled up with back-to-back interviews for internships, volunteer positions, casual sales assistant jobs and university lectures


I’ve been a bad little blogger, but I just finished my final assignments so yayayay, time to spend the next

Alphabet Bags

When I received this bundle of joy in my mail from the lovely kids over at Robot Ninjas, my heart sort


Merry Christmas, lovely readers. Whether your holiday is spent neck deep in snow getting your balls frozen off, or spent