Strength and Athleisure

Shoes: FACE x Reebok ‘Strength’, Top: Vintage, Shorts: Zara, Vest: Behavebehave

Reebok approached me a month or two back about being an ambassador for a new range that they collaborated with FACE Stockholm – a collection that infuses colour into Reebok’s iconic phat sneaker (I’ve never really worn such big sneakers before, and I definitely felt badass doing so) – my sneaker was ‘strength’ and I was asked to take over their Instagram for a day, and show how I’d wear it in a casual ‘athleisure’ setting, and also how that attribute affects my day-to-day.

‘Strength’ is something I certainly didn’t think of in relation to myself this time three years ago, and through a slow process of self-improvement – physical and otherwise, ‘strength’ is now something that I carry myself by, not only in the physical and literal sense (I’m the first to be proud about my quote-unquote ‘powerful thighs’, thanks boyfriend!). It turns out that lifting weights doesn’t really make you bulky – but it definitely gives your ego a little inflation. One of the changes that happened besides growing out of some of my clothing (and the ripping of one pair of shorts), is the gratification that comes with the knowledge of being able to push my body to do something that it couldn’t do before and being able to continue pushing.

There’s also an element of gratitude that comes with having an able set of limbs to have the choice of weights, and in a similar vein, the choice of hiking, biking, playing soccer, doing underwater acrobatics or whatever else gets you sweaty and out of bed.

The relationship between the incremental weight victories on the bar every week is also a lesson in patience and humility – knowing that it is a slow process and a grind but having the reassurance that good things come to those who work for it. There’s no luck associated with weightlifting, really – outside of the body you were born with, it’s what you make of it.

Inevitably, spending half my life in the gym has a direct correlation in the amount of time I spend in sneakers – I just got lucky that it became a trendy fashion statement.

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