EcoSport Adventure

After renewing my interest in blogging (after dropping in and out after months and months of e-silence), I’ve realised that the primary reason was that I had started to grow out of this. By this, I mean fashion blogging. I’m not the same person I was when I was 16, and as much as I would love to rampage through thrift stores all day everyday buying oversized floral dresses, life has got in the way.

I still enjoy wearing clothes (as opposed to outright nudity, I guess), but it’s not the number one passion I have in my life anymore. I’m trying to take this blog into a more lifestyle-type direction. (by lifestyle I don’t mean polished to within an inch of this blog’s life. If you’re after picture-perfect shots of granola eaten at the beach, you will only find two messy but very tasty Weetbix bars floating in a pool of protein shake and almond milk). I’m trying to be a bit more personal and rediscover why I loved blogging in the first place. Expect more fitness, health, lifestyle, art and just random things like #JESSLOVESBREAD from now on.

With that said, what better way to introduce Hartley. Hartley is my newly acquired boyfriend (boyfriend? I asked myself when we first got together. What do I do with him? Do I have to shave my legs all the time now?) Jokes aside, and to avoid being that girl that runs her mouth off about her boyf – he makes being in a relationship easy. He motivates me to do better and he makes me laugh.

Also he gives sick massages and helps me improve my bench press form. What a winner. He recently relocated to New York, taking all the cuddles and happiness in the world with him to the other side of the planet.Ford EcoSport approached me to arrange an adventure of sorts, and it just so happened to coincide with the last weekend Hartley spent in Sydney before his departure to The Big Apple.

It was a seriously kick-ass little trip away, even if it was only an hour north to Palm Beach, and I still had reception. We originally wanted to go camping somewhere far, far away and test out just how good the EcoSport was at handling wading through water, but we ended up with a surfing lesson, a short stay on Scotland Island and dinner at Barrenjoey House.

Surfing was as expected: lots of fun but lots of bruising involved. Hartley managed to get on top of the board multiple times while I struggled to stop my board from smacking me in the face. The little lodge on Scotland Island was the cutest nautical-themed BnB, and Barrenjoey House had incredible dinner and even better dessert. The EcoSport itself, I will leave to describe through Hartley and my house mate’s words. Kusa says it “has a carbon footprint the size of a horseshoe but still manages to have [insert horsepower figure from Wikipedia]“, and that it is “as tall as the Eiffel tower but also as stable”.

Hartley said it handled really well, and for an eco-friendly car, packed a shedload of features (it was incredibly easy to sync our phones up and blast Alicia Keys. Thanks to Ford #EcoSportAU for taking us on a final little mini Sydney adventure.

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