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Skirt: ASOS (Similar here), Jumper: Opening Ceremony, Necklace: 8 Other Reasons, Heels: Veronique by RMK, Watch: Triwa via Belance,Beanie: Eugenia Kim 

ASOS is putting all the style bloggers from around Australia head to head in a winter style-off (cue the scene from Zoolander), and I’m on the front line for NSW. Head on over here and lend me a vote for all that is good in the East coast of Australia. If you upload your own style for your state, you’ll get the chance to score an easy $1000 ASOS wardrobe.

Which I recommend spending all of it in the midi skirt section. Long enough to protect your thighs from wayward winter breezes and stylish enough not to feel like a warm dag in the atypical winter uniform of leggings and a hoodie (not that I’m in the position to make a judgement on this…hoodies and leggings are the

I go through a frustrating cycle – my personal style is constantly in turmoil. I’ll be browsing COS and start itching to do as the Scandanavians do – clean, minimalist and uber cool. Not a hair nor thread out of place, colours limited to dark neutrals and greys. One click later and I’ll be falling madly in love on Etsy with a 1970s jumpsuit made out of the shaved-off hairs of two  hundred faulty Furbys dolls. This internal struggle between want-to-be-cool minimalist Jess and rainbow vomit Jess makes it a constant pain to get dressed in the morning. 

P.S. to any fans of Game of Thrones…or fans of board games in general. Game of Thrones: The Board Game is basically the Quantum Physics of the board game world. My friends and I spend two hours slumped on the floor trying to make sense of forty different tiny tokens and pieces and reading the rulebook over and over before being able to play – and it was SO WORTH IT. I won and didn’t even know I possessed a strategic bone in my body – it’s now a Sunday ritual. 

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