Marle and Wine

Jacket: Classic O Jean Jacket in Geo Weave by Bettina Liano / Fur vest: Wish / Leggings: Bonds / Boots: Betsey Johnson / Shirt underneath: Random Asian brand / Bag: Shannon leather tote from / Necklace: Scylla Designs

I don’t drink wine – my earliest memory of it was my first taste of red wine for my first holy communion. It’s a pretty solemn exercise – you accept the holy bread and you take a sip of the wine and you’re on your way. Being about seven, I put the cup to my lips, gagged loudly and said, “WHAT, EW, GROSS”. The priest didn’t look so happy. I’m slowly warming towards wine, because it’s, you know, a totally adult thing to be into and I’ve always wanted to thoughtfully swirl a glass around while looking like I know what I’m doing.

Wine, the colour, however, is perrrrrrrfect. And this wine-o treat of a bag is up for grabs. I know that all I seem to do is throw free things at you guys, I’ll try to stop – I promise this is the second-last giveaway for a while. It comes in four different colours and I’m giving one away so you can tote it around on one arm, and hold a glass of wine on the other – swirling it around and looking thoughtful, of course.

You know the drill:
A] Like on Facebook Follow me on Bloglovin’, Google Blog Connect on the sidebar, Twitter, whatever! Leave a comment with your e-mail, and what kind of bag you would drink wine in (or not, I didn’t really think that question through). 
Competition ends in two weeks time – Friday the 13th of July (DUN DUN DUN!)

How good is Arrested Development? And why have I only just discovered the hilarity that is Will Arnett’s misunderstood magician character? One of the finer things in life is settling down and getting into the first few episodes of a really, really good TV series. Approaching the end of the whole thing is pretty depressing – memories of finishing Sex and the City makes my heart feel hollow. 

The resurgence of denim jackets in my wardrobe is starting to worry me – this monochrome geo print number from Bettina Liano makes me feel decidedly a bit less dorky. It’s also fun to pretend that they’re a bunch of cross hairs aimed at me and I’m a style fugitive.

Coupled with these INTENSELY COMFORTABLE Bonds leggings, I’ve got the easiest outfit to take me from the bed to the bathroom and beyond. I’m not even kidding when I say that I haven’t taken these leggings off in a week. It feels like I’m wearing a cocoon spun by tiny moth seamstresses working for the cause of comfort and gluttony. The neutral grey marle is also handy when I don’t want to put on pants when leaving the house.

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