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Part 1: Peru & Bolivia

I never got the chance to travel when I was growing up – my parent’s money stretched as far as dinner on the table and the occasional interstate trip to the Sunshine state. International travel existed only in reblogged Tumblr posts and faded photos of UNESCO heritage sites in high school history textbooks. From airplanes...Read More

EcoSport Adventure

After renewing my interest in blogging (after dropping in and out after months and months of e-silence), I’ve realised that the primary reason was that I had started to grow out of this. By this, I mean fashion blogging. I’m not the same person I was when I was 16, and as much as I...Read More


Paula Prentiss was a ’60s comedic actress. With that badass alliterative name and such stunning facial features, I’m surprised she’s not plastered all over every Tumblr from here to the other side of the internet. That hair. It’s a shame though, if I tried out that hairstyle I’ll probably just look like an Asian ping-pong champion.

Picnic Rug

This week is completely filled up with back-to-back interviews for internships, volunteer positions, casual sales assistant jobs and university lectures that are pretty much just slides of optical illusions (why?). I am exhausted already and am probably going to pass out in bed soon and awake to angry phone calls from my car pool buddies...Read More

An Alpine Winter

I’ve been a bad little blogger, but I just finished my final assignments so yayayay, time to spend the next 6 weeks doing as little as humanly possible and wasting as much electricity as possible through my portable heater. The first day of Winter, and my birthday, has come and gone without much event. I...Read More