Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lace Tuxedo

Lace shorts and bra from Keepsake the Label, Shoes form Zara, Shirt from Zara, Hat from ASOS, Necklaces from Lovisa and Diva (seriously)

Photos by Shirley Cai. 

Shirley and I took these photos in front of my building, with nondescript men (one with a pram that may or may not have had a child in it. It's Surry Hills. People are weird here), eyeinv my non-existent cleavage with a terrifying creepiness reserved for Surry Hills and Surry Hills alone. You know that they'll just perve on anything that has flesh and legs if they're unabashedly perving on someone who has not a single handful of cleavage to save her life.

I digress. So, while I was away, I moved into a full time role, moved out of home and am now living in Surry Hills. One of the first mornings I lived here I strolled down the road and bought a coffee, and walked back home past the terraces, up the incredibly steep hills that Surry Hills is plagued with, and smiled warmly at all the tiny babies and dogs that passed my way. "I'm a real Surry hipster now," I thought to myself as I gingerly sipped at a coffee I didn't even like, puffing slightly as the incline of a hill reminded me I wasn't as fit as I thought I was. Really though, it's been awesome. Simply being able to get to work within 15 minutes and to being able to go out at night without worrying about the 1 hour bus ride home at 3am (and my possible death roaming the streets of the West trying to get home half awake and inebriated) is a joy. My house mate is awesome and the gym is 5 minutes down the road. Life is good. Adulthood wasn't as terrifying as it's made out to be (but it is just as expensive).

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Jeline Catt said...

You are such a babe in this outfit! I love it sooo much. x