Monday, January 7, 2013

Floral Dreams

To think 'dream' is to think of blurry sequences in bad movies - those where a soft Gaussian blur has been applied. You think muted colours and slow movements - of people and places just out of reach, just beyond your consciousness. But this is only in retrospect. Everyone is familiar with the aftermath of a particularly vivid dream, "Wow that felt so real" - but you've already forgotten half of it. We look at dreams through a clouded cup, through squinted eyes at a watercolour painting. In the moment of it, nothing feels more real - nothing is more tangible than the four headed goat you're riding through your old primary school playground. You wake up in a sweat after dreaming a loved one has been in danger, after the soft touch of a lover has melted away. Dreams arrest your senses but the colours dull after they pass - just like good memories. It's hard not to look at things in the past as grey scale artifacts but I think it's important to understand and remember the joy it brought you at the time.

This editorial from Elle Vietnam, 'Floral Dreams', shot by Bobby Nguyen and styled by Phuong My is seriously incredible - I don't think I've ever seen an editorial out of Vietnam so this is a pretty favourable first impression. To achieve such ethereality with such harsh lighting and contrast is beyond me - I just look like a pissed off child when shot in direct lighting. The styling seems like an odd fit for water and florals but the play with textures and shapes works so well - that last shot with the basket weave-like top and the structured chiffon makes me want to weep fashion tears.

Full editorial from here. 

How fricken' PERFECT is this shot? She looks like a mail order bridge being shipped off to the next village. Did I ruin it?