Thursday, December 13, 2012

In the Clouds

When I first got the call from Cloud 9, I thought it was a prank call. A prank call a step above the usual Bart Simpson "I'm looking for a Oliver Clothesoff", but a prank call nonetheless. What these guys did with yoghurt is something that only a few humans have lay claim to - they sent it into the sky. Watch the behind the scenes video and you will learn as I did that this little tub of yoghurt reached an altitude of 63, 000 feet. I don't know how long a foot is but 63, 000 of anything is pretty damn high. The yoghurt was sent up as a liquid and came down as a solid. Pretty impressive for dairy. 

When I received my tub (complete with its parachute), I was actually at work (at the Galeries). Being without a fridge meant a trip to the supermarket to buy plastic party spoons and cups and doing a little Cloud 9 gifting around the centre. I'm guessing it would have been bizarre to have me running around giving out unsolicited yoghurt - but it was delicious yoghurt. Pictured below is Ted from the suit store I work in and the team at Incu enjoying their mid-afternoon frozen treats.