Friday, November 23, 2012


Jumper: ASOS, Skirt: Taobao, Shoes: Senso, Bag:, Watch: Michael Kors from Status Accessories, Necklace: Dallas & Carlos

The delicate mesh underlayer of this skirt is the perfect match with the perfectly constructed structure. And by delicate I mean it tore as soon as it was handled, and by structure I mean it was built for a thirteen year old boy with no hips. There are so many benefits to buying off Taobao - cheap, and the entire website is in Chinese so the whole process of ordering off it is so convoluted that you're guaranteed nobody around you is wearing the same poorly-made knock off jumper. Although it does epitomise "you get what you pay for", my fondness for $15 Asian counterfeit goods will never dim. I was forced to wear the jumper over it because the waist was made far too big and the hip/butt area too small - I am far, far away from my dream, bountiful,  twerkable ass, so it's definitely not my incredible latino curves that is the problem - it's that Asian clothes are made for straight up and down tiny androgynous girls. 

I was told by a friend that cable knit is so 2010, but there's something about wearing knitwear that is akin to having many pretzels hugging your torso that will never go out of fashion. Crisp, tailored white pieces will definitely be making a return to my closet during winter - it just takes a tad too much effort of wearing the right underwear and trying not to sweat or move that makes summer whites a mere pipe dream.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


After nineteen years of pioneering the sedentary lifestyle and leading mankind into greater depths (of pringle cans), somehow I've become addicted to exercise. First came the testing of a running iPhone app. Then I signed up for a gym membership with the idea of half-heartedly picking up a few heavy metal things and dropping them to the floor while furtively glancing around and hoping nobody was judging. Now I sport my own fledgling biceps (which I happily flex in any reflective surface) and have become the very thing I once turned my nose at - the male friends around me who existed only in a universe made of protein and power-lifting. It's still strange to me that my version of fun is now pushing, pulling and throwing weights around while grunting and sweating.

Vest and Playsuit: Taobao
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Senso
Watch: Michael Kors via Status Accessories 
Bag: Tilkah

Another unexpected hobby I have picked up during my absence the online fashion world: homewares. A $20 second-hand lamp from Gumtree has nipped any fleeting unhappiness in the bud. I feel a strange  contentedness as I sit on my bedroom floor (still don't have a chair or a functioning table - haven't changed a bit) and am caressed by the warm light that my lamp glows. Similar feelings were provoked by today's purchase of a grill pan. I just read the past two paragraphs and am slightly confused as to why I am even publishing this on the internet.