Friday, September 14, 2012

112-Point Tupac Gothic

Jacket: Taobao / Singlet: Taobao / Necklace: Diva / Shoes: Zara / Pants: Bassike / Watch: Triwa / Bag: Handmade from Etsy

Confession: I went for a run the morning these photos were taken and didn't wash my hair. Is YOLO appropriate?

There's nothing like a $30 cheeky parrot jacket to lift you out of a two month blogging hiatus (even if it has taken certain liberties from D&G Fall 2012 - can you blame me? Okay maybe you can). The key to shopping on Taobao is a buttload of patience (which I guess I have inherited from years spent flicking through musty and oversized night gowns and ugly sweaters in thrift stores), and also Chinese literacy. But if you just close your eyes, hit some random buttons and enjoy the ride, you can cop some fancy threads on the cheap.

From my instagram: @JessLovesFred

Concerning the title, it's my new favourite font - an excerpt from a quote in "This is How You Lose Her" by Junot Díaz. “You hear mothers say all the time that they would die for their children, but my mom never said shit like that. She didn't have to. When it came to my brother, it was written across her face in 112-point Tupac Gothic." He's only written three works, but from what I've read so far - he looks to be a promising addition to virtual Kindle library (how deeply depressing is it that with one purchase, a lifetime of constructing my dream living room with ceiling to floor bookshelves has been slapped into oblivion? Maybe I'll have an altar with a single spotlight to display my Kindle instead...) Diaz inserts seemingly random Spanish words in the middle of his sentences so I feel swag as shit reading it, even if half the time is spent on Google Translator. Somehow, though, he strikes the perfect balance between textual swagger and an unnverving depth and tenderness...something like Lil Wayne meets Pablo Neruda. 

In my absence, I've:
- Gone through all three seasons of Arrested Development...and watched a Youtube compilation of their chicken dances about fourty times and laughed myself into a six pack since.
- Joined the gym for strength training. Walking into a peak hour gym dominated by muscular men who assert their right to be in the weight training arena by paying in buckets of testosterone-laden sweat and all kinds of guttural noises. You pull up next to them and start doing your 4kg bicep curls while they are moving weights that is your entire body weight (if not more) compacted into giant dumbbells. I feel like a silly fraud most of the time but then I remind myself that I'm paying the same price to be there and they're too busy grunting at themselves in the mirror to make fun of me (I'm already making fun of myself.)
- My floordrobe has my bathroom. Hygiene? Haven't met him.
- Skidded across the road during a jog, fell down the stairs the next day. Spent the next two weeks dedicating at least half an hour per day being fascinated by the body's healing mechanisms. Proud to say I have not picked at any of the scabs.
- Burnt my tongue because I was too keen for a meat pie, got tuna in my hair because I was too keen for some tuna. #seizetheday