Monday, July 9, 2012

Birth of Venus

Dress: Bless'ed Are the Meek, Shoes: Skin Footwear, Scarf : Bay & Fyfe, Accessories: Vintage, Ring: Scylla Designs

To set the scene: it's a late afternoon. The day is winding down and regret kicks in as the balls of my feet  throb. Wearing heels was a bad idea. After running around doing a few errands, the last pit stop was the Mother & Father PR showings. Flicking through racks upon racks of pretty pieces, the flash of a sheer cheeky Bless'ed Are the Meek seashell pulls at my heart strings. Time slows to a stand still as my eyes drink in the entire piece - from the starfishes on the bust; evoking childhood memories of school excursions to the beach, right down to the floaty chiffon skirt. How good is the demure Birth of Venus bustier? Perfect for those among us not gifted in chesty matters (my hand is up). It's not in stores until September, but I was able to pander around in it for one afternoon. Perfect cut-out Skin Footwear booties topped it off.

Originally I was going to go to the aquarium to shoot these photos - until the realisation that the aquarium carries a hefty $30~ entrance fee and my cheap self would rather spend that on irresponsible personal luxuries. The plan changed to shooting it in front of the first seafood shop I could find (are these places called fish butchers? Is there a name?). Because, you know, dead fish are just as good as live fish. Buckets of ice are as good as any giant sweeping fish tank views. In the end, frugality and laziness won.