Friday, June 29, 2012

Marle and Wine

Jacket: Classic O Jean Jacket in Geo Weave by Bettina Liano / Fur vest: Wish / Leggings: Bonds / Boots: Betsey Johnson / Shirt underneath: Random Asian brand / Bag: Shannon leather tote from / Necklace: Scylla Designs

I don't drink wine - my earliest memory of it was my first taste of red wine for my first holy communion. It's a pretty solemn exercise - you accept the holy bread and you take a sip of the wine and you're on your way. Being about seven, I put the cup to my lips, gagged loudly and said, "WHAT, EW, GROSS". The priest didn't look so happy. I'm slowly warming towards wine, because it's, you know, a totally adult thing to be into and I've always wanted to thoughtfully swirl a glass around while looking like I know what I'm doing. Wine, the colour, however, is perrrrrrrfect. And this wine-o treat of a bag is up for grabs. I know that all I seem to do is throw free things at you guys, I'll try to stop - I promise this is the second-last giveaway for a while. It comes in four different colours and I'm giving one away so you can tote it around on one arm, and hold a glass of wine on the other - swirling it around and looking thoughtful, of course. You know the drill:

B] Follow me on Bloglovin', Google Blog Connect on the sidebar, Twitter, whatever!
C] Leave a comment with your e-mail, and what kind of bag you would drink wine in (or not, I didn't really think that question through). 
D] Competition ends in two weeks time - Friday the 13th of July (DUN DUN DUN!)

How good is Arrested Development? And why have I only just discovered the hilarity that is Will Arnett's misunderstood magician character? One of the finer things in life is settling down and getting into the first few episodes of a really, really good TV series. Approaching the end of the whole thing is pretty depressing - memories of finishing Sex and the City makes my heart feel hollow. 

The resurgence of denim jackets in my wardrobe is starting to worry me - this monochrome geo print number from Bettina Liano makes me feel decidedly a bit less dorky. It's also fun to pretend that they're a bunch of cross hairs aimed at me and I'm a style fugitive. Coupled with these INTENSELY COMFORTABLE Bonds leggings, I've got the easiest outfit to take me from the bed to the bathroom and beyond. I'm not even kidding when I say that I haven't taken these leggings off in a week. It feels like I'm wearing a cocoon spun by tiny moth seamstresses working for the cause of comfort and gluttony. The neutral grey marle is also handy when I don't want to put on pants when leaving the house.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Spore Tea

Orange jumper: ASOS / Skirt: Stylenanda / Shoes: Zara / Bag: / Cuff: ASOS / Phone Cover: Ebay / Hat: Vintage / Extension cable: My crappy ol' laptop

One of the major advantages of using really, really huge handbags is that you can store your laptop, a good book and approximately 34 other things, with ease. The disadvantages include sore arms (a roundabout advantage? Muscles to protect against evil? To attract attractive men?) and the risk of losing your arm and your sanity while rooting through it. If I had fourteen extra arms growing out of my torso to hold all my daily necessities, I wouldn't carry a bag. But then again, if I had fourteen extra arms, I wouldn't wear clothes to show it off, because obviously if I have that many arms it's an indicator of my biological superiority.

It's been so cold these past few weeks that I've been waking up at 3AM 4AM, 5AM - just because it's so damn cold and my body has a little hissy fit at the fact that three blankets, four layers of sweatshirts and being deep into REM sleep can't keep me happily unconscious (What is that? I feel like a scientist saying it). While breathing out little clouds of condensation on the early commutes to work were once a novelty and a delight, those same clouds have grown fangs and little feet to kick me repeatedly in the groin with their icy malice. There is a brief respite in the joys of my daily shower but the reality of stepping out, nude, overrides any tiny snatches of joy that hot showers bring. 

P.S - Oh man, leather baseball caps.
P.P.S - You have one more week to enter the giveaway for a print from the artist that did my layout! Click click. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of Print

There is nothing that makes me happier than a good print (speaking in hyperboles is fun and essential for vehemently driving home personal opinions when you have a limited vocabulary. Now that I mull over it, kebabs probably make me happier. And sour cream and onion Pringles.) Sure, floral prints are pretty, but the zanier the print, the better - I'm talking lobsters wearing tiaras, baroque, geometric and pretty much any animal, ever. You can usually find me on eBay or Etsy searching up "___ print fabric" - my recent searches have included: cactus, library, mountain, foot, Día de los Muertos etc. Here's three I've been considering adding to cart lately. Disclaimer: I only realised AFTERWARDS that somehow capped toe pumps have snuck their way into every single outfit I created. Gold caps are haunting me - the Tony Bianco Adele pump in particular have been tugging at my shirt sleeves and forcefully opening my wallet (or lack of wallet - after losing it for the third time this year I've given up on wallets and subsequently just scatter coins, notes and my driver's license into my handbag.) "Muse" skirt (sold out), ASOS Heart bandeau top, Jessica Buurman VOLETA Ankle strap red heels
I had to share this because it is way too depressing to keep to myself. I was e-window shopping and thought that these three items would make a HELLA CUTE DATE OUTFIT. Talk about wearing your heart on your, even better, right on your chest because who has their heart in their upper arm? Your heart is located in your chest, stupid. If anything it'd be a practical guide for potential boyfriends.

My best friend pointed out that it's a bit over the top and would send any guy running for the proverbial hills (unless the date was in the outback somewhere, and there was an actual hill he could literally run up, away from me). I have a rule of waiting a week before making a purchase online, to ward off impulse shopping. This time, the rule backfired. A week later I definitely still wanted this outfit to go on dates by myself, but huh, fancy that, the skirt is out of stock. I even had to resort to Google cache for a picture, explaining the low-res tiny image. If anyone has any idea where I can find that same skirt elsewhere, holla at me. Pasta for one calls.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boyfriend style: two ways

I've found myself running into a dramatic star-crossed lovers type embrace with every single piece of clothing  I found abhorrent two years ago. Boyfriend jeans? Check. Denim jackets? Wearing it over my pyjamas and feeling swish. Strappy heeled sandals? No longer confined to the musty depths of my the underside of my mother's bed. I've been particularly enjoying the freedom that boyfriend jeans grant - the freedom to eat as much as I want, to fall as hard as I want (pre-ripped denim means any newer rips can be passed off as fasionable accent), and to fart as loud as I want (I've found that the thick weight of these babies absorbs all the shock). Here's two ways I've styled them:

1. Denim on denim. I may look like a total dork riding the 90s revival trend for all that its musty grungy heart can offer, but holy hell am I enjoying it. I'm wearing a thrifted denim jacket, Marvin tee, Dallas and Carlos "5" necklace and Zara lucite heels. 

2. Marvin blazer, Marvin top, Senso Delilah boot,  Etsy handmade necklace. This crazy origami-like cross between a peak and notched lapel on this olive green number needs its own name. I'm going to call it the paper boat lapel. About five seconds away from folding tiny origami animals and re-enacting Noah's Ark in it. It's a bit too big for me but might as well wear things that don't fit now rather than waiting to do so when I'm 60, greying and more prone to looking like an elderly lady who's hobbies include eye twitching, aluminium can hoarding and defecating on the floor.

These Senso boots are so major they leave me sputtering and cowering in the gap between the platform and the heel. If someone blew this shoe up by about seven hundred times and furnished it with a nice bed I would straight up live in it and be the old lady living in the shoe with aluminium cans and poo-covered linoleum floors. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tea Time

It excites me very greatly to finally unveil a new layout - one I've been sweating < div > tags and CSS codes over. I suddenly realised in the midst of drowning in my final essays that my previous layout was starting to look a lot like a default layout (or was that the procrastination beast within rearing its ugly head?). Emma from Bella and Bunny collaborated with me and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. Let me know your thoughts, qualms in the comments below (the new comment button is the circle below the post on the right!). Otherwise, I am accepting alternative header images drawn on Microsoft Paint (my friend actually did this. I recall the image containing "JeSs LoveS FReD" in scrawled mouse writing and a half drawn image of a headless cat).

Emma's world is all non-threatening, friendly animals and pretty girls living within the watery confines of watercolour paint - a world of flowing locks, animals pouring tea, and the most delicate watercolour gradients I ever did see. Her use of colour and shape make me feel like I'm living in a milkshake.

To celebrate the new layout and Emma's incredible talent, we're giving away one of her amazing prints - "Tea Time" (the one below). Imagine it above your bed - waking up and falling asleep to the image of birds pouring tea and getting all up in your beverages - Snow White style. I'd imagine I'd get pretty angry waking up to it though, it'd make me question why I don't have any forest animals or cute watercolour wildlife serving me food, on demand, all day. And you have to hand it to the birds for being able to singlehandedly lift a full teapot seemingly only with their talons and a flower stem. To get a slice of this adorable pie, all you gotta do:

1. Give her a 'like' on Facebook, right here to keep up to date with all her artsy fartsy watercolour goodness.
2. Leave a comment with your e-mail!
3. I'll draw the winners randomly on the first of July.

Check out Emma on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter. 

She kindly answered three questions for me:

Who are the girls in your paintings? Are they real people or people you imagine? What's behind it?
The girls in my paintings aren't based on anyone in particular, they are often developed randomly. It can come from an interesting composition, elegant silhouette, beautiful face, colors, objects, patterns, anything really. Other times it might be influenced directly from a story or poem. I usually like to partner them up with an animal friend or some nature inspired element, because it gives me a lot to play with. There are plenty times when I create my girls based on an animal that I just happen to feel like painting that day.

What would you do if one of your watercolours came to life and proceeded to give you a big watery hug to say thank you for giving birth to it - except in doing so you'll drown (duh, because it's watercolour)?
Well, clearly they live a more interesting and carefree life than me, so the first thing we are going to do is have a tea party (since I believe that's all they do all day). And maybe wear a large floral hat surrounded by hummingbirds and butterflies. I know you asked what I would do if they came into my world, but I changed it so I can be in theirs. Which also means I can have as many macarons as I'd like.

If you could paint one public feature, what would it be? 
 I would have to say maybe taking some random, not so pretty, kind of gritty alleyway or street, in any given city, and transform it into a whimsical watercolor garden. So, it's like turning up a drab corner and stepping into another world.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Skirted

Just a very quick update to let you know (you probably didn't care), that I'm still alive and still on the internet - just lurking in very strange corners of the internet, you know, corners where people puke on other people pooping (Google Puke Dump if you dare) and where people eat raw bull testicles and a smoothie made out of 10 dead blended mice (this is not a joke. This exists. It is exam/assignment/essay season at university and this is what it has driven me to. Looking up really disturbing videos on the internet, and then questioning why I did that to myself.

I'll be blogging properly again in 1-2 weeks, I also have an amazing new layout in the coding works (turns out that HTML/CSS coding is not like riding a bicycle. It is hard and getting back in the metaphorical saddle HURTS.)

Cardigan: Cotton on, 5 years ago on sale
Blouse (w/ brooch): Bitching and Junkfood (a label named after my own heart) via Market HQ
Heels: Sole Society via Market HQ
Black wrap bracelet: Wanderlust + Co
Skirt: Vintage
Watch: Triwa

After the incident that was a broken soft serve machine at McDonalds on my 18th birthday, I'm not so much a fan of birthdays. This year for my 19th, a few of my high school girlfriends and I had thai food (the whole table ordered either Pad See Ew or Pad Thai. Playing it safe. Culinary adventures 101.) and fostered food babies at Guylian cafe. A few grainy iPhone photos:

I wore a vintage sequin cardigan, a red playsuit by Motel Rocks, a Sportsgirl clutch and Wittner heels.