Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Like Lightning (+ Bag Giveaway!)

Other than getting overly excited about the new dollar menu at McDonald's (THIRTY CENT SOFT CONES. Can I get a hell yeah?), reading a book written from a cat's perspective (I Am A Cat - Soseki Natsume), and having my fly undone, I've realised that good friends are hard to come by. Not just that, but making friends is no cake walk. In between my (I think) biting wit being mistaken for sarcasm and unfunny goofiness, the inability of my mouth and hands to co-operate together, and my never-failing ability to make a conversation awkward, fast, by talking too quickly and too much about irrelevant things (turns out talking about my one-time experience of working as a brothel receptionist isn't a crowd-pleaser), I am a walking social disaster. Realising this has made me a thousand times more grateful for the amazing friends I do have. It's nice to be consciously reminded of these things sometimes.

Suede panel cardigan: Pol
Necklace: Lovisa
Shorts: Thrifted
White t-shirt: Men's, Brent Wilson
Knit vest: Brent Wilson (Men's!)
Tan Ebony Bag: My
Boots: Betsey Johnson via
Belt: Thrifted
Various cuffs: ASOS and thrifted
Socks: MA DAD'S.

This is what I've decided is what I'd wear if I retreated into a forest and did nothing but chop wood. Best worn by the fireside, having a few glasses of whiskey with your favourite talking woodland animal friend.

And THESE SHOES. Turns out that buying shoes off results in like, $5 international shipping and a 3 day wait. THREE DAYS. The amount of love I have for these boots are absurd - working 5 hour shifts in them ain't even a thang, my feet are so grateful.

So, I'm giving away this bad boy thanks to, the slouchy oversized sack of genuine calfskin leather that has patiently held the 50kg worth of pointless things I insist on carrying around all day (a new one, not my used one haha) The size makes it perfect for uni and there is about a million and one (well, three) ways to wear it. Calfskin leather is pretty good for days where you just need to rub your face against something, anything. Want it? Simple:

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Winner will be drawn randomly and this is open to all you international cool cats, too. I'll be drawing the winner on the 4th of April.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Earth and Sugar

Yes, I do realise there is a disparity between the images in regards to the shoes I'm wearing. I'm a bit indecisive sometimes. My indecisiveness is also evident everytime I post an Instagram photo. With THAT many filter options, how is it possible that I can get anything done? It gets to the point where I have to screenshot all the different options I particularly like and compare them side by side. Instagram makes life bittersweet.

Dress: Beginning Boutique
Clutch and bracelet: Vintage Princess
Heels and gold cuff: ASOS and Ebay
Necklace and belt: Thrifted

This dress is too sweet. Sickeningly so, almost. Pairing it down with earthy/tan accessories brought down the girly factor a bit but I had an incredible urge to whip out my floral blazer, gingham heels and floral headscarf. The only problem is, without my undercut, I'm back to looking about 12 years old (approximately) and any sort of feminine attire brings my perceived age to about 6.

In other news, I've been playing this Lana Del Rey x Biggie Smalls mash-up album for the past two hours while slo-o-o-o-owly progressing through my uni readings and it grows on me with every play.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Paula Prentiss was a '60s comedic actress. With that badass alliterative name and such stunning facial features, I'm surprised she's not plastered all over every Tumblr from here to the other side of the internet. That hair. It's a shame though, if I tried out that hairstyle I'll probably just look like an Asian ping-pong champion.

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4