Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stripper Shoes and Errant Bra Straps

It could be a poem. Forgive my errant bra strap, for it knows not what it does. More like I am too lazy to wear a proper bra and tried to cheat but paid the price in a ruined set of photos. So, there's a funny story behind this shirt. Pretty much, I found it in a bag on the floor. Brand new. With tags. In my size. I felt guilty for about a hot minute before I realised the price of this PINK T-SHIRT was $280. At that point I stopped feeling sorry for whoever decided it was a valid idea to spend $280 on a pink t-shirt. And can we talk about my shoes? Stumbling across the Senso warehouse sale by chance was the best thing that has happened to me these holidays.

Raw silk pink shirt: S&B Vie by Sass and Bide
Snakeprint ripped jeans: Minkpink via Market HQ
Cuff: Set of two, ASOS
Heels: Senso, on sale.
Photos By Vinh Pham

I'm so glad that university is back. Four months of constant work. I'm talkin' 7-days-a-week work/interning. Some holiday. I had more of a holiday in the womb. I've missed being the only one stupid/vain enough to wear heels to uni. I've missed stomping up lecture steps to face 200 swivelling heads because I've come half an hour later. I've missed the 20 minute walks up the stairs, and I've missed expensive cafeteria food.

What I've been up to lately through the itty bitty iPhone lens (I now finally no longer have to steal my dad's, my best friend's or anyone else in the immediate
vicinity): @fartssica.

I went on a short break up the coast with my high school buddies (we have a trip every 6 months to catch up and keep in touch), and it was amazing. We went to Smith's Lake and it involved copious amounts of "family dinners" (cue a giant happy fart inside my heart), playing with possibly feral possums, canoeing in a lake more filled with jellyfish than it was with water, and cooking in bulk. Also, drawing monobrows one each other.