Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Eggs and Furry Ham

The beautiful girls at Park Avenue PR held their A/W 2012 showings at Double Bay's Mrs Sippy's. It was good to fawn and dribble all over beautiful clothes before heading to my university library to sit for a 12 hour study session. At one point I leaned my head against my hand and fell asleep a total of 5 times in 15 minutes. My friend said he had thought I was "thinking". Sneaky spot-sleeping. Learn from the master.

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The Coco Ribbon rack - at first sight I thought I had died and gone into op shop heaven. Looks like a vintage rack - such beautiful cuts with heavily sequinned fabrics and prints so eye-pleasing that I want to tattoo it on the inside of my eyelids.

Orange juice in champagne flutes. This is what I do on a regular basis so it was good to displace my sleepy self by a few kilometres and find myself in the exact same situation as I would be in at home.

The craziest fur jacket from Watson x Watson. I felt as though I was in a Dr. Seuss book and that Thing 1 and Thing 2 would jujmp out of the arm holes and pull at my hair.

Sequinned red Watson x Watson dress, and buckled boots that look like it'd give my feet nice long warm hugs in winter.

Zip detailing on Watson x Watson leather jackets

Tara Lawson jewellery

Nicole< and I pretty much fell to pieces at the sight of these boots.

Stephanie from STYLEBYSTEVIE

Jacqui from Couture Caddy

Aprilia's beautiful red Cambridge satchel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Blouse: Sportsgirl
Heels: ASOS Havoc
Cuff: ASOS
Clutch: eBay
Ring: eBay, friend's
Re-shave: $10 at the barber
Jewellery: Vintage, Etsy

These LOVE Clothing are a dream come true - the perfect amount of kick and flare without looking like a complete clown. Although it doesn't help that my lack of coordination and pieces of beautiful clothing don't go together very well - I seem unable to wear palazzo pants without spilling things or ripping things or falling over.

I didn't get to take a photo but I found a gorgeous black umbrella with gold and leather detailing sitting on its lonesome at the station. Considering how much I love free things and how ridiculously derro and gross I am - I took it home because I can just imagine running through the rain - the gold detailing going perfectly with my cuffs. Opened it up - turns out it's a Sean John promo umbrella. P. DIDDY REPPPPPRESENT!

Sitting in Hyde Park with two of my favourite and funniest friends (Genvin and Matthew) talking to strangers who are so obviously under the influence of drugs. The guy's eyes were bloodshot and he kept talking about jazz and roundhouse kicking my friend in the face.

A few snaps from the Westfield Sydney x 100 Squared x Shop 'til You Drop shopping night. Considering I have my 50mm back and am soon to be the owner of a 7d (for ridiculously cheap - Gumtree is only dodgy half the time), maybe...just maybe the "Fred" in "Jess Loves Fred" will come back in action (Fred = camera. "Who is Fred" seems to be the first question most people ask me). Really starting to get back into photography - and I'm hoping to dust off my beautiful film SLRs and polaroid cameras for Summer.

Just realised I've been posting a ridiculous amount. I'll stop for a bit (willpower!) so I give you guys time to miss me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

P.S!! Over 2000 Google Blog followers!!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting - I love each and every one of you to bits. Celebratory giveaways coming up!

PANTS WITH OWLS ON THEM. Nothing more is needed to be said.

Free Cadbury. I have already eaten half my block and feel like I'm going to vom. At least it'll taste good when it comes back out, though

Beautiful ex-co worker (I used to man two stalls in 100 Squared) - Claire, being seductive. She used to work as a burlesque dancer. Now she's a full time MILF

Linda, my best friend's jewellery addiction

Adorable kids playing soccer with Sydney FC. If there was anymore cuteness contained within their enthusiasm and energy, I would bleed.

Beautiful Tilkah bag that I just put on layby today. My bank account is screaming for mercy but mercy I shall not give.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Night Bird

Split maxi skirt: Bardot
Cobalt top: $10 from Chicabooti or some other nondescript store
Clutch: Ebay
Necklace and cuff: ASOS
Belt: Vintage off eBay
Heels: eBay

After nine months, I've finally replaced my 50mm. Hurray for creamy bokeh goodness! Hurray for Gumtree! Hurray for not getting killed after meeting strangers in fast food restaurants to exchange money and lenses!

Tato and Memi's A/W '12 collection - "Night Bird" is nothing short of incredible. Had a little chat with Marijana, the co-designer which confirmed the inspiration behind the little tweed jackets and sleeves and beautiful draping and tailoring - her recent trip to Paris. I'm a bit of a self confessed human magpie so there were overwhelming urges to grab all the beautiful sequinned pieces with my teeth and run back home to my bed to hoard them underneath my pillow. The lovely maids from Tailormaid were kind enough to leave a basket of macarons to the destroying force that is my stomach.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Wild Hearts bustier giveaway! There's just under a week left.

Delicious Lindt Delice macarons. Learnt the difference between macaroons and macarons! Not that I'll remember. Just like how I've spent my entire life pronouncing Skype the way my Asian mother has - "Sky-pee".

Dallas and Carlos necklace

Tweed sleeve blazer with matching tweed shorts. I don't think there are any two words that fit together as perfectly as "Tweed" and "Suit". Besides, maybe, "Hot" and "Dogs".

Marijana (one of the co-designers) and I

Sequin dress detail

Wearing Tato & Memi cropped Mo jacket

More sequin detail! It's like a sequin party I'm not invited - instead forced to watch from the sidelines as tears slide down my cheeks.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

From a dream: Rory Kurtz

Rory Kurtz excavates the depths of your mind while you're tossing and turning at 2am and transfers what he finds on pieces of paper. My dreams are pretty nonsensical and absurd as they are, but I don't think even my mind could dream up anything as delightfully surreal as his artworks. The level of detail is beautiful and I have strong urges to print all his artwork onto transfer paper and adorn all my underwear with his surreal illustrations. Here's an interview I did with him via e-mail recently. His answers are beyond what I expected, and I am very humbled that he even bothered to reply.

Each illustration or painting takes a variable amount of time. Some are finished in as little as forty-eight hours, others will be worked on slowly over months (if I'm afforded the time to do so). As far as publications that I'd love to work for, I'm not quite sure. I've worked for some already that were on my professional bucket list. The New Yorker would be outstanding though.

And on what he would do if Electra (the girl in the painting riding the bicycle on the clouds) came to life and paid him a visit... (long, but well worth the read)

Her: Hi there illustrator.
Me: HOLY S**T! (imagine "ME" stumbling a bit, and generally freaking out)
Her: Hmmm. You're not taking this very well. Perhaps I'll just ride off and come back later.
Me: WAIT! Er...I No, don't do that. Stay. It's cool. I just need a second to process this.
Her: Take your time.
Me: you want to sit? Or...something to drink at all? I'm sorry, is that a dumb question?
Her: (soft laugh) No, I'm fine. And no, it's not a silly question.
Me: How is this possible?
Her: It's complicated. By the way, I love my bike. Thank you.
Me: Yeah, no problem, I guess. It was...nevermind. Are you real? Did I create you?
Her: Well, that's tricky. Yes, I'm real. In the same way a promise is "real". Or an idea. An idea changes things, and affects the world around you in a very real way, even though the idea itself is immaterial, just a thought. You put me out into the world. I was seen. I can't be un-seen now. Perhaps I affected someone. Maybe a girl somewhere saw me and said "Ooooh, I want a bike just like that!" or pictured herself riding on a pretty bicycle in the clouds herself. In some way, that moment changed her, even if just a little.
Me: Yes, but are you real like I'm real?
Her: No. You live a life. I live in a moment. I'm allowed to be happy. You're not.
Me: What's that supposed to mean?
Her: Let me rephrase that. You dreamed up a moment for me. It was a perfect moment. It's nighttime lit by the moon, and the twinkling lights of a city underneath me. I'm dressed lovely, and dreamily riding my bicycle in soft fluffy clouds. I'm happy because this perfect moment never ends for me. Day never comes and I never have to pay a phone bill, or get fired from my job, or do laundry, or lose someone important to me. Think of it this way, pick a time in your life when you were truly deeply happy and content. Now imagine that moment never stopped happening.

Me: That's not possible though...
Her: Exactly. I'm allowed to stay in that perfect moment, while you have to keep living a life. Life is made of countless moments. Many of those moments are mundane, a few are terrible, and a small delicate few are absolutely, blissfully, perfect. Regardless, you have to live them all.
Me: That's heavy. I hadn't thought of that before. And frankly, I'm a little jealous. Can I go back with you?
Her: Sorry, but that's my paradise, not yours.
Me: Yeah, I guess (looking at my feet, questions racing through my head in a jumble). If I created you, how come I don't know everything you do?
Her: I didn't come from nothing. You painted me, yes. But even the idea had an origin you aren't fully aware of.
Me: So my ideas come from somewhere else? I'm not the one actually responsible for them?
Her: Yes and no. You pictured me in your creative mind at a certain point. But how did your mind find me? Who's to say I wasn't there the whole time waiting for you to assemble me? Waiting for you to give me a form that you could understand, that you could put onto a page for others to understand. Have you ever had an image in your head that's been there for years? The kind that you can't tie to any memory, but seems to insist on being acknowledged. Or have you ever finished a piece of art, and found that you couldn't explain exactly where the idea came from? It felt as though the piece just "happened". What makes you so sure that it's entirely you creating them?

Sneak peak of an illustration for a book cover coming out this (US) Winter

Me: It that's true, then how did you get there? Who or what put you there?
Me: Oh so you can tell me the secret to happiness and all that, but you can't tell me where ideas come from?
Her: Sorry, cutie-pie. Some things aren't meant to be known.
Me: Did you just call me cute?
Her: It's time for me to go (as she smiles and starts to wheel her bike towards the window).
Me: Wait. You can't stay a while longer? I have more questions. I could order a pizza, or whatever you like. Sushi?
Her: (laughs) Tempting, but no. I've already stayed longer than I should have.
Me: You want to know something interesting. I didn't notice it when I was painting you, but you look really familiar to me...
Her: Hmmmm. That is interesting, isn't it? Best of luck, illustrator. Take care of yourself.
Me: Thanks. Likewise, I guess. Watch out for helicopters and stuff up there (as she pedals out the window and upwards on the air).

Check out more of Rory's work

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tjena Tjena Mittbena!

Just a quick post before I doze off - what I wore today to devour apricot danishes at the Magnolia Jewellery breakfast showing at the Guylian cafe and then to work. I had about 2 hours to spare in between everything, and it was only about 9am in the morning. It's such a strange feeling to be awake at 9am sitting in a park soaking up sunlight, wide awake, feeling like it's noon, when the majority of the people you know are probably still in bed or juuust beginning their day.

Snakeprint blazer: Zara
'All the lights' Skirt: Showpony
Basic tank: ASOS
Necklace: Vintage from Etsy
Persol sunglasses: Sunglass Hut
Insect necklace: Vintage from eBay
Leopard print clutch: Random Asian seller on eBay
Shoes: Random Asian seller on eBay

I woke up earlier today to the news of 56 exotic animals loose in Ohio. This includes tigers, bears and lions. It sounds so surreal, like a scene from a movie. I would absolutely lose my shit if I saw a bear charging at me in the middle of the Sydney CBD. Sadly, rangers had to kill 39 of the animals. It's so horrible that it had to be handled that way.

Just realised the tone of my writing in this post is a little flat. My feet feel like someone stabbed them in 3924892 different points and my eyes are slowly closing up shop.

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My favourite photograph from the outdoor exhibition

The cutest little kid scootering down the park walkway. He was more co-ordinated than I will ever be.

Beautiful Magnolia Jewellery breakfast at Guylian Cafe