Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Acne S/S 2012

Dazed Digital, Vogue.com, Wallpaper

Do you want an all access pass to my body? Please dress like this. I will let you use my heart as a toilet. I wasn't a fan of the rest of the collection but the colour combo in these few outfits makes me melt into a puddle of sartorial worship on my mistreated carpet (if I had a dollar for every time that I have spilled shit on this carpet these holidays...)

Way, way too excited for the little package heading my way from Black Milk tomorrow! Follow me on Twitter if you want to experience first hand internet diarrhea I'll spray all over your feed as soon as I lay a finger on my goodies.

Speaking of Twitter, I spent most of this morning having a major spaz on Twitter instead of dealing with things, over a redback taking residence in my oxford flats. It even furnished the place with some pretty strong silk webs and dead crickets and evil. Google informed me that Redback spiders can lay up to 5000 eggs per eggsac and the females perform sexual cannibalism. Australia is fun times. I ended up killing it with bug spray after fifteen or so botched attempts including poking at it with a chopstick, drowning it with both water and nail polish remover and shaking the shoe around with severe disregard for my own personal safety.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

I took a little (read: month long) break from blogging simply because I didn't feel like I had anything to say. I haven't been anywhere (therefore no outfit posts) because of a few reasons:

1) I have a fear that I'm just going to catch hypothermia as soon as I step out of the house. I have legitimately felt like the wind was capable of blowing me right over before, so I consider going anywhere right now while it is this friggin' cold a safety hazard.
2) Losing my wallet multiple times. Well, once lost and once stolen. I'm not sure what the universe is trying to tell me but if it's: "I don't want you to have money and you can forget about redeeming your free 10th drink with your Easyway loyalty card", than I am hearing the message loud and clear. Turns out going places and doing things involves spending money, hey? Money that has been taken from me by the universe.
3) My exam/final assignments were really weird with the due dates. I had three final assignments due in the span of two days and then I spent the following three weeks waiting for my last and only exam. Going out made me feel guilty of not studying, even though staying at home entailed a whole lot of Sex and the City and no book-hitting.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Faux leather J: Sunnygirl; Black sweater: Myer; Leopard pants: c/o Wholesale-dress; Booties: birthday gift; Bag: Alphabet Bags;

All images shot by: Vinh Pham / Ve Noir Studios.

Buttttttt, I am back (hopefully). So as I said before, my holidays so far are a whole lotta nothin'. I've gone through five seasons of Sex and the City in the past 2-3 weeks), danced to the new Metronomy album one too many times in my underwear, and thrifted with my dad). Oh, and I went to a Wes Anderson themed cocktail party (pic of random details). It was pretty damn rad - complete with a DJ playing all his soundtracks, Mr. Fox, Zissou and Margot themed goodie bags, free popcorn and the tent from The Royal Tenenbaums recreated. I have never felt more geeky in my life.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

And yes, my dad decided to pick up THRIFTING. I come home one day to a yellow and black varsity jacket hanging on the washing line. My dad comes bounding up to me and says that he got it from Salvos. He promptly then looks down at his feet and says, mournfully, "I'm as cheap as you now." Two days later I get woken up with "Do you know any Salvos around your high school? I have to drop off a form for your little sister. Do you want to come with me?" We ended up hitting four different thrift stores that day. I don't know what to think about my dad's new hobby but I guess it's always good to have a chauffeur and an ethusiastic thrifting buddy. I also convinced him to buy boat shoes. Maybe I'll be reporting next blog post that he bought a DSLR and has taken to shooting sensitive pictures of himself sitting alone at the park with his chai latte.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Today I woke up wanting a fried egg sandwich. Followed by the realisation I can't cook. After weak cries for help on Twitter, it was evident nobody was going to come to my aid.

I walked into the kitchen with full intention of rolling up my sleeves, cracking open some eggs and making myself a sandwich. Popped on "Please Mister Postman" by The Beatles because I was waiting for a nice little package from Black Milk Clothing in the mail. Ended up dancing out of the kitchen and back into my bed with a few marshmallows and a packet of burger rings. I remembered that there is no way in hell that I'd be able to successfully cook myself a meal without either hurting myself or my kitchen. I had confectionary for lunch. I'm also 18 and legally regarded as an adult. In other news, Topshop is coming to Sydney and Melbourne by Christmas (Imagine this year's boxing day sales, drooool). Oh and I also bumped into Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall at a cheap jewellery store and neither of us knew 100% if we were who we thought we were before realising later on Twitter that it was in fact, us. Yay for sentences that don't make sense.

That was a lot of crap to fit into one post. I'll be back soon with Black Milk goodies in a few days.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Alpine Winter

I've been a bad little blogger, but I just finished my final assignments so yayayay, time to spend the next 6 weeks doing as little as humanly possible and wasting as much electricity as possible through my portable heater.

The first day of Winter, and my birthday, has come and gone without much event. I can't say it was the best birthday ever, but I guess they never are if you plan anything step by step. I did lay foot in an adult store for the first time, though, and got a sweeeet pair of penis sunglasses. I was pretty angry that night, so I walked around and sat on the train with the glasses on glaring straight back at whoever dared do a double take at me.

I'm going away soon for like, a week, up to the Blue Mountains with a few mates and this editorial makes me feel incredibly keen. Scrabble on a furry rug, fireplaces, sweaters, bring it on. I cannot wait to get away, if only for a week, and if only 2 hours away.

One week into winter and I'm already feeling it. I am incredibly sick (again, what on earth) and I wake up every single morning shivering violently. My heater has become so over used that sometimes when I turn it on, it lets out this dying little cough and starts sputtering smoke. What I'm looking forward to this winter: living in sweaters, hot coffee and buying ugg boots.

Emilia & Melissa by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia July 2011