Sunday, May 29, 2011

We Don't Care About the Young Folks

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

So, I did not expect a response as big as what it was, regarding my v-log. I don't hear the accent myself but I guess we all do have accents. Which made me it possible to have a voice that isn't marked by an accent to others? Is it even possible to have an accent-less voice? Do animals have accents? Do racial stereotypes even apply to animals? Do Mexican cats run around wearing invisible sombreros getting intoxicated on tequila? Regardless, I'll be making more v-log outfit posts in the future, even though I feel incredibly dumb addressing a little blue light blinking at the top of my laptop.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Image from Lonely Kids Club

Blazer: Thrifted
Skirt: ASOS
T-shirt: Courtesy of Lonely Kids Club
Clutch: Thrifted
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Circle scarf: K-Mart HEHEHE

It was originally formed by two best friends from Sydney, who were hopeless romantics and fed up with being the only single people in their friendship circles. They viewed relationships as exclusive little clubs and as such decided to form their own one with the pact that if they were both still single when they are 45 they would get married. Over the space of a year, this personal joke expanded into a boutique T-shirt label.

As a boutique T-shirt label we believe in the fundamental that clothing should not be mass produced. Our tee’s are printed in very limited editions of 45 per a shirt size, as a tribute to the marriage pact. We use high quality slim-fitting T-shirts, don’t use sweatshops in any phase of production, and hand print in Australia. We also believe in the talent of upcoming artists and designers, and base our selection of artists on talent and originality, not immediate popularity.

Lonely Kids Club has some pretty sweet t-shirts, and they're a burgeoning young Australian label so you should check them out. I don't usually wear tees but this one had such a lovely little graphic that kept reminding me of Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John and subsequently I walked around the whole day with that whistling tune rattling around my head. Moral of the story. Like t-shirts? Check them out. Like Peter Bjorn and John? Even better.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

All images shot by: Vinh Pham / Ve Noir Studios.

I watched Pirates of the Carribean 4: On Stranger Tides the other day and I love the series but NO KEIRA KNIGHTLEY/ORLANDO BLOOM? REALLY? PENELOPE CRUZ? REALLY?? Barely any screen time/short cameo by that monkey that Jack hates? Sickening. But the mermaid scene BLEW MY MIND, probably one of my favourite filmic depictions of mermaids I've seen to date. My birthday is on Wednesday the 1st, 18 finally! Watch out, world.

Speaking of coming of age and life turning points and such, I'm planning to move out very soon and can hardly wait. Moving out with females means limitless ability to walk around in my underwear and be a general slob without being told off constantly. Being able to get up at 4am and make myself 6 packets of instant easy mac without getting told off. Doing anything sloth-like in nature and not getting told off, really.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Video Outfit Post

I know it seems like all I do on this blog is throw videos at your browser. Awkward outfit post and a song I've been playing on repeat -

Hooked Up On Us - Jay Jay Pistolet

I swear I'll upload a proper outfit post soon. Apparently it was the coldest May day in 11 years yesterday. At one point I was trapped in some sort of wind tunnel and my body was actually losing against the wind. I felt like an origami figure, it was horrible.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No One


Nobody's Gonna Love You - Cee-Lo Green (Paul Epworth remix): I know I've shared this video before (way back in August 2010) but both the song and the video is sublime and I'm revisiting it because I can. There is something about this song that makes me feel incredibly anxious and upset, but it's probably just the video. Or maybe it's the repeating line, "No one. No one's gonna love you more than I do." which is just a really sobering and depressing lyric.

You Know What - N.E.R.D.: Yeah, I don't know. These are just three songs I've been listening to a lot lately.

Escape - Rupert Holmes: I can't decide if the lyrics are upsetting or not. It's about a man who has grown tired of his wife ("I was tired of my lady / we'd been together too long / like a worn out recording / of a favourite song"), replies to a personal ad, goes to a bar to meet stranger with the intention of "planning his escape" only to find out the "stranger" from the personal ad was in fact, his wife. He then realises they have more in common than he previously knew ("I never knew / that you liked pina coladas / and getting caught in the rain"), and they "plan their escape" together. Most people I've discussed this with say that it's ultimately a happy song because the marriage is saved by a renewed interest in each other. BUT THEY WERE UNHAPPY IN THE FIRST PLACE and 75% of the song was the husband going on about having full intention to cheat on his wife. Either way this is a solid song and I find myself singing it quietly to myself on public transport, which is never a good idea. Outfit post tomorrow.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost Things

When I received this bundle of joy in my mail from the lovely kids over at Robot Ninjas, my heart sort of did a little somersault, landed wrong and passed out. It moves in the most amazing way. Wearing it while it's windy is especially satisfying 'cause it makes me feel like I wield supernatural powers and/or I can yell 'Accio Broomstick' and fly away from the demands of paying attention in lectures, missing wallets and attempts at crawling out of beds that are too warm and too soft (what's new?)

My dad literally thinks that I am missing half a skirt. He asked me how I tore my skirt and I said, "a homeless person tore half of it off with his teeth because I didn't have any cigarettes to give him when he asked." No, not really. But he did think the assymetrical hem was a result of my lack of co-ordination and grace (everytime I fall over and scar my already bruised and screwed up knees, he asks me how I'm going to manage to find a husband).

I look sickly pale in these photos, but rest assured, I don't look like I'm dying ALL the time, at the most - only mildly nauseous.

Blazer: Thrifted
Skirt: Courtesy of Robot Ninjas.
Blouse: Thrifted
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Dad's
Bag: Alphabet Bags

All images shot by: Vinh Pham / Ve Noir Studios.

Oh, and I guess it's not really the rapture today because I didn't wake up and find my entire family dead. I was discussing last night with my friend what would be the most realistic way I'd spend my day if today really was the rapture, and I came to the conclusion that I'd probably just lie in bed all day and cry while regretting 18 years of my life not paying attention in church and being an all-round bad Christian.

My 18th birthday is coming up in little over a week (1st June/first day of Winter in Australia) and trying to find a nice birthday dress is proving incredibly difficult. If you have any nice online shops to recommend besides the obvious (ASOS, Topshop, Nasty Gal, Forever21, UO, Lipsy, Boohoo, Modcloth, FredFlare, Ssense, PIXIEMARKET etc), please speak up. Next outfit post featuring an upcoming t-shirt designer yay yay hurray :-) Hope you've all been well. x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Harris & Miller

ASOS White Harris Satchel in Orange and Natural.

Starting on work? That never happened. Singing along to Judas - Gaga? That did happen. At least seventy three times since I last blogged. It's happening as I type.

...Continuing to watch episodes of The Office regardless of the fact it's the number 1 thief stealing all my time? Smashed through 8 more episodes.


So anyway, these ASOS White bags are gorgeous and I didn't think that anything could top the ASOS Black collection but the minimalistic goodness that is their White collection proved me wrong. I love how punchy the orange is. I could probably use it to become a human traffic light and cross roads whenever I feel like it, road rules be damned. I could also use it instead of a safety vest if I ever do road construction work in the middle of the night.

ASOS White Miller Satchel in Natural and Orange.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Procrastination

Image by Ve Noir/Vinh Pham

Just wanted to give a preview of my next outfit post and share a video because I've exhausted every other avenue of procrastination and I am desperate. I've been pretty good at doing things well in advance since uni began, except that one design assignment where I literally completed it in 15 minutes at 6am on the day it was due (I got distinction. I do not know how my tutorial teachers mark things). But mostly, I've done a complete 360 since the end of high school/the HSC and I would probably win the Most Improved award in the 'Not-avoiding-important-shit' category.

I think all those missed procrastination opportunities have been silently grouping in the corner of my conscious over the past few months and have been holding meetings and planning on ambushing me when I'm at my weakest and most vulnerable. Which is right now, man. They're running at me with scissors and throwing cats with knives strapped to their backs and dropping heavy dictionaries on my head. Because I have a Flash animation assignment due VERY SOON that takes VERY LONG TO DO which I HAVE NOT STARTED and DO NOT ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO.

Instead of watching 6 weeks worth of tutorial videos, I've been watching 6 seasons worth of The Office, skidding across train stations and grazing my hip severely, sitting too close to my heater and burning myself, wearing not enough clothes and worrying about my impending hypothermia this winter because I have an inordinate amount of mini skirts and insufficient levels of knitwear in my closet.

So, I'm going to start. Enjoy the video (which made me smile from ear to ear and dance around my room in my underwear instead of doing work). This guy probably has the best dance moves I have ever seen.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Ode to Bob's Pectoral Muscles

Cardigan: Miss Shop @ Myer
Skirt: $10 from "@Topshop" (I know a girl who knows the owners of @Topshop and @Zara, ha. Apparently they copy the designs of Topshop/Zara (who knew), sends it off to Vietnam, gets it mass produced and ships it back to Australia to satisfy our need for really badly made, cheap knockoff clothing.)
Blouse: Thrifted
Shoes: Forever 21

All images shot by: Vinh Pham / Ve Noir Studios.

I watched Fast Five the other day and the key thing that struck me about it was the extreme level of really, really, really ripped men throughout the movie. Almost every, wait, make that EVERY male character was ripped as hell. It didn't help that they all their t-shirts were nineteen sizes too small. Unless they lost all their clothes in a hurricane and stole some shirts off the back of some children because you can't have a movie where the characters don't wear clothes because I'm pretty sure that's called a porno, or something went wrong and all their t-shirts shrunk in the wash, there is no excuse for consistently wearing t-shirts that small. I was half concerned for their ability to breathe. I actually don't understand how they were able to breathe without ripping those shirts open with every inhale. Not that I would be complaining if that did happen. Because all of them had pectoral muscles that put 80% of the breasts belonging to the girls I know, to shame.

Sorry for my lopsided weird smile

The two sets of pectoral muscles that spoke to me the most, belonged to Vin Diesel and The Rock/Dwayne Johnson. Bear in mind that they have perfectly fine individual chests, but when you put them together on the same screen, shit goes down.

I know that it is a typical male fantasy to see two attractive females and picture them engaging in activities of the lesbionic kind. So it should be okay that I thought the same thing about Vin Diesel and The Rock, right? Everytime they were in a scene together, I imagined them in bed together. And it was awesome. When they started grappling and fighting and being all sweaty and muscly together, my mind was blown. The intensity and power of my fantasy pushed out my ability to think properly and I was left as a drooling, incoherent mess on the cinema floor. But when I told my friend, he asked me to sit a few rows away from him.

Finally, if you aren't already aware, I want to introduce you to Thought Catalog. I read it religiously every single morning on the train. I have read every. Single. Article. For about 3-4 months now. There are better ones but the ones that I've enjoyed the most over the past month or so:

On Fight Club, Dogs, and Love

Why I Will Never Leave you

On Loneliness

Lex Luthor and the War on Science

And one of my all-time favourites: You Should Date An Illiterate Girl.

The writers are incredible, and the comments are even better sometimes. The articles range from everyday observations to really deep makes-you-want-to-cry/think about crap sort of things, like the above five. Enjoy.

From Where You'd Rather Be

Vecu Spring 2011

"And our minds were meant to sail
Take a rest from our thoughts
Take a break from this world
And we'll feel miles away
From the places that we used to be."

Can this be my life? I want this to be my life. I want to pick up surfing and adopt a stray dog called Maverick and my days will be spent between my dog Maverick and a guy called Maverick and a bunch of really lovely people who I met on the beach one hazy afternoon and Maverick is permanently shirtless and every other day will be spent hanging up my wet clothes on makeshift clothes lines and someone will learn how to play guitar and there will be bonfires and there will be car trips powered by radio sing-a-longs and at night we'll even get a little drunk but not too much so that we vomit but enough so that everything feels better than it already is and I will fall asleep on the beach and wake up with mosquito bites but I won't even care because Maverick (the dog or the man, you choose) will be there in the morning to lick it better. My life would be one giant run-on sentence.

In the meantime I guess I'll continue waiting for the Office US Season 3 to finish download. Also, this dogboarding thing is really crazy and freaked me out for a moment.