Monday, November 7, 2011

Dallas and Carlos Giveaway

When I first saw this necklace on the beautiful Ashleigh from Tailormaid Communications - my existence as a human collapsed to give way to a force focused solely on obtaining this Dallas and Carlos gold letter necklace for the pleasure of my own neck.

I think it's a mysterious alternative to the SATC "Carrie" name necklace - why reveal your whole name when you can reveal only one letter. And it doesn't even have to be the first letter. You could even get the letter 'G' for Gangsta or if you're serious about it, 'O' AND 'G' (Original Gangsta). It's even fun to choose a letter - it's like I'm watching Sesame Street all over again. You can buy their incredible jewellery (check out their damn bangles. Gold everywhere. That's my kind of wrist party) on their online store, here.

To celebrate reaching 2000 followers on Google Blog Follower and Facebook, I'm giving away one Dallas & Carlos letter necklace in the letter of your choice!

All you need to do is:

* Like Dallas and Carlos on Facebook, right here. (or Twitter too!)
* Be a public follower of Jess Loves Fred on Bloglovin' or Google Blog Follower and like me on Facebook, if you like.

* Leave a comment on this post with your name, e-mail and which letter you'd choose and what it'd stand for.

Easy as an A, B or C letter necklace. Competition closes next Monday! Winner will be determined be a random draw. P.S. Congrats to Megan Chalmi Who won the Wild Hearts bustier! This week will pretty much turn my blog into a giveaway television show so watch out for a tonne of other free things to come.


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darleneanne. said...

Did both :D
Pretty things, I hope I win

suziefg said...

liked! the necklaces are so nice!

Chlo said...

C for Chloe!

Tee said...

I choose the letter M for Mysterieux which means Mysterious in French


Angela Patrice A. Gamil said...

Angela Patrice A. Gamil
A for Angela! ♥

Anonymous said...

Did all of the above! :)
Melissa Cheong
Hm I'd choose I for infinity ;) xx

Angela said...

LOVE that ring! V for Victory!

Audrey Marianne said...

What an amazing giveaway !
I like the Facebook pages + I follow you with Google friend, & this is my email :

I wish I could win the 'A' lettre !

Thanks again for this giveaway, fingers crossed for myself :D.

Sarah Ng said...

Sarah Ng

The letter 'S'!

Tranbeena said...

The letter "T" definitely <3 Every member's name in my family starts with a "T" and since I am now studying abroad half of the Earth away from them, having this would mean a lot to me. I love them <3


lalaaaanita said...

liked the page + followed you/liked you on FB about three billion years ago (or something, I dunno, it's been that long since I've had sleep)
I am Anita (a.nitaaaa(at)
and I was going to choose the letter A (obviously reasoning there), but I'm going to have to go with the letter H. H for hope :) because hope is the only thing we all really need *cheesy moment cos I'm studying and want to die*

ad. said...

The letter "A" :)


Anonymous said...

Wow what a nice price! I want it so badddd! :O

I did both :) and on twitter too. please let me win a "C" letter necklace. For my name Celine!

Celine Ros

hope I win :)

yoursecretgirl ♥ said...

Hi again Jess! Wonderful giveaway, the necklace is beautiful!
My name is Tânia Sequinho
And the letter I choose is: T

Kamir Bartolome said...

The pendant is amazing!
Followed on all accounts :)
Kamir Bartolome.
So, 'K' for Kamir.

Elegantly Wasted said...

oohhhh! ahhhh!

"J" for my Boyfriend, Julian. Or for myself... :P

Nora said...

A for Annora. That's my real name. Thanks for the great giveaway! I'm loving it!

Nora Finds

Anna said...


And letter "A", for Anna:)

J. said...

Those necklaces are so awesomeeeeee. I really want one. The email address I use for Facebook and Google Blog Follower:

For Twitter,

:) If picked, a gold J necklace would be really cool cos my name starts with a J. :)

~ said...

Thu Nguyen
I would choose the letter T for my name :P

amanda said...

All done. So awesome that you're giving one away! Kudos to you.

Letter would be 'A' for 'Ah-mazing' Amanda.

Xaviera said...

Hi! My name is Xaviera.
I choose X because it stands for Xaviera and it is often used to represent unknowns in other circumstances.

Mark Lourence Cuyos said...


M - for "meraki", it's a Greek word which means doing something with soul, creativity, or love.


Zoe said...

I liked everything! :) this is amazing!
my email:
and letter "Z" for Zoe :) in gold!

Brodie said...

ohhhhhh my GOD i need this necklace like, yesterday. damn, it's pretty perfect.

I'd get the B in gold - B for Brodie, my name. I used to hate my name but I've grown on it and I'm pretty ready to wear it around my neck forever now thnx


Jazz Oey said...

Jazz Oey
'J', as it would stand for my name and yours. (:

Dazzlyn Kenneddy said...

Dazzlyn Kenneddy
and I choose Z for Zebra. My favorite animal.

Tyrone said...



iamveeh said...

i've liked your both account on Facebook, and Followed you on Twitter and here as well. :)

V for 'VAIN'

celliasaragih said...


i want "C" it stands for my name "Cellia"


Jeline said...

Jeline Catacutan

'J' for my name! :)

Sonya said...


A! for/about, Alex, my lover, who lives far away. It would be lovely to have something that connects us both (my name ending with the letter of their first) to wear every day. Maybe the distance wouldn't be so lame.

Lipmunn said...

Liked and already following on bloglovin'!

L Please! for Lipmunn :)(

Vanessa. said...

I liked everything and followed your instructions clearly :)

My name is Vanessa and this is E-Mail:

I'd like a necklace with letter V, V for Vanessa, Vanity and Victory :>

LisaN said...

WOO! I'd probably get B for baby you the bomb dot com, or Brazilian men make me happy, either way, 'B'!

shezzsky said...

your name, e-mail and which letter you'd choose and what it'd stand for

i choose S for Simple

Anonymous said...

WOWOW donedone
- Brenda
B for my name (or for whatever brilliant things starting with B :))

Ellis said...

I wanted the letter "E" as it's my initial for my name, Ellis...... But it's pretty common and everyone knows what it stands for, so I'll pick "K", for Kusumo, my surname. It represents my family, love and hope :D

Carrie Lyle Untalan said...


I'd pick letter C because my name is Carrie.

Strawcherry said...

So simple, yet it stands out. Love it! :)

I'd pick the letter 'C' for my name, Cerise.

Canny said...

Hi! My name is Candice Zialcita, and I choose 'C' for the pendant which stands for Candice! :)

As always, you are too kind to your readers! Know that we love you as much!


Thank you jess! xx

gersikah said...


J for ..jurassic jumpy jelly juice! or jessica. J for jesslovesfred. :)

victoria said...

V for vagina ! That was the first thing that came into my head next to the first initial of my name.

Sally said...

You have an awesome taste when it comes to fashion man. love it!

I'm Sally
And S for Sally :)

Nicole said...

My name is Nicole and I'd choose N for obvious reasons. Completely uncreative, I know, but I've got nothing apart from that :/

email: nicole[a]

xx Nicole

Andrea said...

Necklaces are so simple but stunning.
I would like an A please
...for Avocado. I mean, who doesn't love avocados?

Sarah Baguio said...

Hi! I would love to win a necklace with the letter "S" for Sarah! :>
name: Sarah Baguio
I hope I win! :> keep it up Jess! :)

Amor said...

Hello! :)

A for Amor

Amor was chosen by my parents to be my name because according to them, I was made out of their love for each other. :) I was made out of love, and it is my responsibility to spread love as well :)

thank you so much! stay awesome, continue spreading lalalove! :)


mawarhitam said...


letter: G - (gorjez = gorgeous)
or A - (Ain - my name)

Juni said...

your name, e-mail and which letter you'd choose and what it'd stand for.

Juni Gonzales

I pick J which stands for Juni. Heehee Thanks!

Patricia Young said...

Hey Jessica! :)

The necklace is beautiful!I really really love it and I would really like to get a hold of one.

I really did everything mentioned above: I liked the Dallas and Carlos page on Facebook and I followed the page on twitter and I purposely signed up for a Bloglovin' account just so I can follow you. I even follow you on tumblr ever since I was a tumblr newbie which was May of last year! :)

I've been trying to find out more about you from your tumblr posts and I'd just like to take this opportunity to say what a really great blog you have. I love love LOVE the clothes you wear and I dig your hairstyle! You simply rock it! You're very talented and I admire the fact that you do what you love and are not afraid to do so. :)

So anyway, enough talking. :)) Here's my name, my email address and the letter I like for the necklace and what it stands for:

Name: Patricia Young
Email address:
The letter I choose: "T"
What it stands for:It stands for "Tricia", my nickname. I love my nickname and I'm very proud of it and I'm proud of who I am. It just signifies who I really am and what could be a greater letter to use than to use the letter of your name right? :)

Thank you so much and I hope you'll consider me as the winner of the necklace! I've never won anything in my life before and it'd be great to win this one because the prize is just awesome! Haha! I'll be reblogging the post regarding this contest as well. Keep posting and stay awesome! :)

Rock on <3,
Tricia :)

Amy Chen said...


A for Always.

jessica said...

these are beautiful.

a J would be lovely.

xinwei said...

hey Jess!
oh, my Lord. i am scrolling through Dallas and Carlos' webpage right now and i have to say, the Vincent Bracelets, Fresh Prince Watches and these Dal Necklaces ARE AWESOME.

i'd love one. :D i'd choose X because, it's a long story but i'll tell it here anyways: i once went to Tony Roma's for dinner with my friends. the waiter had everyone's names jot down for different orders so our food won't get mixed up. when it was my turn, i was about to spell my name(Xin Wei) to the waiter. just as i went "X-I-N..", the waiter said "okay Ms. X, what do you want to order?" so i thought the idea to be really cool since then to be called Ms. X since X stands for unknown. :D

email :

Amanda said...


the letter z - for my family name. :)

Raissa said...

Did all the requested to win the necklace!
My name is Raissa. After much thought I chose the letter L that stands for 'Liberdade', wich is freedom in english. It's pretty much my motto in life. Freedom to choose whatever i want to do whenever I want too.
My email is:

Thank you :))

melissa said...

hello jessica!

this is melissa (neon-electric on tumblr ^^) and my email is
I would choose the letter M firstly because it is the first initial of my name. Secondly, the letter M would stand for Mother. Growing up in a single parent family, I am very grateful to have my mother and she is my world. It would be a reminder of her selfless love. I don't know what I'd do without her. Thirdly, it would stand for Music. Although I have no affinity with musical notes, scores and composition, music is a big influence in my life, from how I feel, to what I do. It plays a big part in my "creations" -- photography, design and dance. I can't imagine life without music.

P.S. Jess I never got to say this but your undercut is so cool. And thank you so much for this giveaway and congrats on reaching 2000 followers :)

Nikita said...

Would love to add the pendant N to my Dallas & Carlos collection!

Oh, the nostalgia it'd bring!

Nikita x

mwan said...

hi there nice giveaway im having a GUCCI giveaway too,, !share it with your friends!

SiLLyJiLLy said...

I don't see these gorgeous necklaces everyday. Thanks for giving us the chance to win ^_^

Barbara said...

Hi! I would love to wear this letter! I would pick B as Barbara. Simple :)

Hannah said...

Hi! :D
These necklaces look absolutely diviiine & I'd love to win one! (Who wouldn't?!)

My name: Hannah
My email:
My letter: A

Thank you :)

Denise Nayve said...

Denise Nayve

I'd choose the letter B for beautiful. Because every girl, not only myself, is beautiful. Even if to society a girl is already fat, she's unique and beautiful, one of a kind.

chloe_e said...

i have been lusting after this necklace (+other jewellery from the site) since i saw it in your post! it's so lovely :)

name: chloé
letter: C, for my name obviously but it also represents my family because we all have names beginning with C, even my dog cookie :)

Alexandria Tugot said...

I think I've fallen in love with this. I saw the picture before the title and said "need" and when I found out it was a giveaway, insta-join.

Alexandria Tugot
Letter A

ayeshasky said...

I LOVE THESE NECLACKES!! honestly as soon as i saw them i fell in love an am complating just buying one if i dont win it hahah, id get an A for my name (ayesha) . aaargh theyre just so sleek and sexy!! I HOPE YOU CHOOSE ME CAUSE MY EYES DEFINITELY CHOSE YOUR NECKLACES AND WONT BE AT PEACE TILL I GET ONE

Nikki said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!

My name is Nikki, my email is :)

I'd like a letter N because that's what my name starts with, but hey these words are nice too


xxSarah said...

*Fingers crossed I'll win this time :D


Letter S for Sarah!

ayesha p said...

My name is Ayesha P, and my email is :)
i'd choose the letter 'Y' because my parents call me by my filipino name 'YSA', so itll have a special meaning :)

Yun Jing said...

I wanted Y because my name starts with that... but since you mentioned "mysterious alternative" I'm going to choose 'N' for Ninja. Because that's what my friends call me. Plus, it'll be a mysterious mysterious alternative. Ninjas are mysterious things, you know. Thank youuu! :D

Si Hui said...

Si Hui :)

Z if possible please!

Chloe said...

Name: Chloe
Letter: C
What it stands for: Kool spelled with a C.

nessa said...

V for Vanessa please! :)

melbots said...

Name: Melissa
Letter: M
What it stands for: Melissa :-)

Rebecca Lee said...

Name: Izabela
I'd chose the letter "K". It is in "Bekha", my nickname, and it is also the first letter in "Korea"

Have a nice day!

Sylvia said...

"S" for soul!
awesome :]

Ashley K. said...

Name: Ashley
Letter I'd Choose? "A", of course! I've been looking for an attractive letter necklace for a while!

Kath said...

Name: Katherine
Letter: K. it already says so much.

i can't control myself. said...

I liked on facebook, both of ya!


Debbie/ melange philia @ and I'd pick D, for my name obviously.

Amanda said...

A for Amanda! :)

thestyleflux said...

What a great accessory! :)


Fashion Tidbits said...
I want a "F".
do you think it would be mean of me if i wore it around when i feel like i want to flip off the world when i'm pissed off!? lol :P

kristenceralenae said...

K for Kristen and my email is :)

Margarida said...

'M' for my name Margarida and just because I like how symmetric the letter is. my email is

patpattycakes said...

Patricia Verzo

I love my nickname so I would totally choose "P," which stands for Patty. I love it because my nickname came before my real name; my mother's favorite character is Peppermint Patty from Peanuts, so she wanted her daughter's nickname to be Patty. :)

Bernadeth said...

Name: Bernadeth Gutierrez
I'd chose the letter "B" which stands for Bernadeth and my blog Beatrix :) (or even Bellatrix haha!)

André Barbosa said...

I'd love to get the letter L.
I've recently proposed to my boyfriend and his name is Lucas. He said he would think ans give me an answer when he's ready. If I have the necklace with the first letter of his name he'll see how much I care, and that is going to be a symbol not only because of his name, but Love. And love is the only way to achieve happiness.

j. said...

those rings are amaze too omg
congrats on the big two zero zero zero! :D!!
already following everything :)
i'd get a J - so we would match, clearly haha
jessie x
the weekend project.

Cecily Hope said...

Liked them on Facebook and followed on Twitter, and I already like you and follow you!


I choose K, which stands for the last name of the love of my life.

Libby said...

Name is Libby.
L for Libby
and Love
and Largiloquent
and things like that.

Imsu said...

Liked their Facebook!
Already following you on GFC :)

Name: Imsu

I would choose the letter 'P' if I win. :D

Congrats on the 2k followers! I'm sure there's more to come!

Kimberly Crist said...

Wonderful! My email is and I choose K for my name Kimberly and more specifically to remind me of the importance of Karma. :)

jane said...

j for jalapeno - because i'm fucking on fire.
and for my name i suppose.

Joy and Amore said...

like your FB and Dallas and Carlos on Facebook. follow your blog for long time ago !:)

name : Anita Putri

and i want a "A" for Anita :)

paola :) said...

liked on facebook, following you on twitter and on here.
name Paola :)
L for Love :)

Jes D'Amato said...

Name: Jessica :D
J please ;D

['wanteng"]* said...

Name: Wanteng
I choose W simply cos it stands for name and winner? c: Wish me luck!

Just A Smile said...

Name: Andreea
I'd choose D because Danny is the name of my boyfriend :)

A said...

I've been reading your blog since last year! :-) Anyhow i want letter "C" for Clamour! Yep that's my second name..


Brenda said...

I think it's fantastic that your teacher said there was a certain vagueness about you - it's a description only an English teacher would use.

My name is Brenda, and I'd choose the letter B. Thanks! email:

mollymcpeek said...

I'd like the letter F for my cat Frances

love these, they're gorgeous

Xylina said...

Hey Jess! My name is Xylina. My e-mail is I'd choose the letter O becase I know my future child's name will be Olga. I've always liked that name for some reason.

Have a nice day and Thank You!

Mae said...

My name is Mae
I pick the letter M :)

Manju said...

M, for Manju, which is my name. And for Mangoes nommmmmm :3

manjuxoxo (at) gmail (dot) com

Danica said...

Z. Because my last name is WAY cooler than my first name. And also because I think 'Z's are very sexy letters.

Amanda L said...

Done :)


A stands for amanda :)

Inga said...

did it all)
i choose letter "I" for my name...

thanks a lot!

Meghan said...

Meghan Jack
I'd get the letter K for the sappy, lovesick reason that my boyfriend's name is Kyle. And if the relationship doesn't work out, I can always say it stands for "Killer"

Grace said...

I'd get G. FOSHO. For gangsta (thanks for the idea), or Grace. Depending on who asks.

June said...

I'd get the letter J because it's my name, June

Cariza ϟ said...

Yay! :) I'm following you for as long as I can remember, and I liked and followed their facebook and twitter. :)

Name: Cariza

'C' for Cariza and for cupcakes, which I love so dearly. ;p

Julie D said...

Hi Jess!
First, thanks for giving your readers such an honorable giveaway and many more. I really appreciate that you do these things. Second, these necklaces are really beautiful, so thank you again for giving them away.

Name: Julie D
Letter: A
What It'd Stands For: A for ABC's and 123's. Honestly, I like how the A looks and is the second letter in my last name ^___^

NatNatNat said...

Natalie Lim

Was really crazy bout the book (and now TV series) Pretty Little Liars. So, I chose A. If people don't get the reference, I can always say it stands for Ashton Kutcher :)

patricia said...

Yo Jess! My name is Patricia. You can email me @
Can I choose O for dOnuts? I mean O looks like a dOnut, and I like dOnut....

ajravanos said...

Hi! I did both, as well :)
I'd choose the letter "A" because not only is that the first letter of my name, but it's also the first letter of my grandmother's, mother's, and aunt's name as well- all the important ladies in my life are "a's" & what a better way to show it off than a beautiful "a" necklace? <3 xox

pinky said...

HI! these are amazing! :)

my name is Pinky Chan
my email is

I would like a P! for my name Pinky :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway!
Liked on fb and followed you on bloglovin!

Name: Mei
I'd choose M cause M for Mei! Thankss!

I'm fashionstoned said...

OMG I think I'm in love!!!! totally awesome! I would love to own one with the letter 'i'

my fingers are crossed!

xoxo Irene

PS. I'm Already a follower=)

Amanda Nguyen said... know exactly how you felt when you first saw these necklaces!
-'liked' Dallas and Carlos, and you on FB
-already following you via Google & twitter
-now following Dallas and Carlos via twitter

'A' for aspirations, appetite, awesome, AMANDA!


HN said...

Did both and liked your page on fb as well :)


The Letter "A", just simply because its my boyfriend's initials. He carries mine wherever he goes, just thought It'd be nice to repay that.

Thank you take care love x

Kalli Marie said...

Name: Kalli Marie

I would choose letter "K" to stand for my boyfriend's name (Kyle). :)

Wendy said...

Usually I'm not into jewelry with letters, but these necklaces are stunning :)

Wendy Kwang
W for Wendy :D


The Fancy Teacup said...

Just followed them on FB, and already following you via Google. I would love to own the letter "J" for my name, Jamie!

clara said...

All done!

My name's Clara, so I would like the letter "C" :)

Jin Ai said...
Jin Ai Y
Q, for quoz!

GEE said...

Name: Georgina
Letter: G - For Georgina, and for GAME ON, my motto in life.

Followed, liked and liked you again! :{D

vɐℓenтιna said...

Likes and following done :)!
I would LOVE so badly one with the V, cuz my name starts with it, and it means "brave one" in spanish, so, great! They're so cute!
My e-mail is:

Great blog by the way!

Mangotatoes said...

Oh I love these, they remind me of Moschino ;]
Liked and I'm already following you on Bloglovin'

I'd pick M for Mango :)



Karen. said...

Karen Y.

U for unicorns, for living down under and so I can say I've got U close to my heart and then proceed to explain that I meant my necklace and not you :P

Leslie C. said...

What the heck, these are gorgeous! This would be incredibly rad to have in my lacking student wardrobe.

& I have dutifully done the above :)

Leslie C.

I want there to be a creative reason was to why I want "L" but that is my name & it's suited me well thus far :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Nalae said...

Hi :D
Sarah Nalae
Maybe the Letter N for Nalae (my nickname) or Sarah (my name) (:

Charné said...

Name: Charné Banger
Letter: I want a "S". It stands for my fiance Sandro... Who is also my Superman, my Support and my Soulmate.

Thank you for making this wonderful comp! :)

Good luck to everyone!!

sophler said...

Followed Dallas & Carlos and yourself on Twitter.

Sophie -

Hannahkin said...

liked both of y'alls on facebook, and follow you on bloglovin' :)

my name's Hannah
email address =
letter i would choose = J

and it would stand for Jess... cause that was my gran's name and she was ridiculously special to me! [good name you have there, by the way]

awesome, x

Anisa Young said...

Did both :)

I want an A for Anisa, for Awesome, for Awkward, for Asexual...what?!


Soeria said...


in the tiny change I'd win, I would like a golden S, which stands for my name Soeria.

Which btw means something as goddes of the sun :)

∞ thao said...

Done and done, btw you're my favourite blog x
I'll get 'T' for 'T-CAT' as oppose to the common ''T-DOG'


Camilla said...

Done, i would LOVE for a letter 'L' for Louise, my twin sister that i know would die for this.


Eleanor said...

No way, those are excellent. So excellent I'd choose an E- mah name et al.

Monica said...

This is wonderful! I am loving all the jewelry on their website.

I would love an M for Monica! :)

p.s. Liked both pages on FB.

Francivusk said...

Name: Francesca (on FB: Francesca Giveaway)
e-mail: francivusk at hotmail dot it

I'd choose letter F for Francesca of course :)

Sarah said...

Liked and followed on Bloglovin
Sarah B.

I'd like an S for my name Sarah but I could also tell people it stood for my sassy personality or how spectacular I am :P

Zineb.C said...

Done !
Zineb C.
i'd like a Z it stand for my first name ^^

shanan said...

Dear Jess,
Liked Dallas & Carlos, Followed on Bloglovin' and liked on FB(AGES AGO)I'm a huge fan!!! No, not those kinds that have metal blades and swirl around, drawing in air to generate wind...No, a true blue JessLovesFred fan! :)
I choose the letter 'A' for the simple reason that...I'm REALLY OBSESSED WITH MY GRADES!!! Don't ask me, just ask HighExpectationsAsianFather.

Name: Shanan
Email: ('s the email ive had since I was six)

leslie said...

Leslie W.

I'd like an "L", for my name :)

Anonymous said...

Samantha Yabut
I would get "K" for Kanico. The name of my dog who i miss dearly!

Anonymous said...

Gia F.
I'd choose "F" for my last name.

AKins said...

Following all designated routes. (:

I will chose the 'Y' because it is the last letter of my first name. It may also cause people to ponder 'Y' I have a necklace with the letter 'Y'... lame, you say? No, genius.

I'd also like to specify the color, if possible, to be silver/gold.

Ashley, akinsphoto(at)gmail(dot)com

Young Things said...
Nicky V

I'd get a V for my last name!

Anonymous said...

I'd chose the letter M for my name (Marilena), maybe but probably the letter N for my fiancee's beautiful name, Nathalie.

ya said...

hey, aditya a.

I'd get A for Aditya :D

ShrinkaR said...
Shrinka R
R please!

Jane Y said...

J for Jane!

Zoe said...

....Z is for Zoe, pretty please.

Great Competition ♡

yoursweetheart. said...
I have three names and they all start with K, so that'd be a pretty useful necklace x)

Michelle Pham said...

Name: Michelle Pham
"M" for Michelle!
Gorrrrrrrrgeous necklace!

Amy said...

so pretty *_*

"A" for Amy please!!


tHe UnXpected said...

I love you and your blog Jess!
I would like a letter 'C' for my name, Cheryl.

cris said...

Done! :)
I'm Cris Dieta
letter: A (Anthony)

Mi Nguyen said...

Mi Nguyen
M for me, Mi :D

JennEliz said...

I'm Jenny & I 'Liked' on FB, 'Followed' on Twitter and 'Followed' on BlogLovin'!

I would like a J for Jenny

Imperfection said...

Name: Tammy Wong
Letter: "A" for Alyssa, my friend who is pregnant and will be having her baby soon! I want to tell her that I am so proud of her and I think these necklaces would be perfect for that :)

Claudia said...

Claudia Chau

C for Claudia :) My name

iomoo said...

i'm sara! (iomoo)
email: canihasit@gmail . com
which letter? S for SARA!! :) my best friend's 16th birthday is coming up and her name is sabrina--i think if i won, i would give it to her <3

Stephanie Ngo said...

I would choose "H" for hope. Because sometimes I need to be reminded to have that hope.

dexterremi said...

ahhhhh i love the jewelry!!! the bracelet reminds me of the moschino belt. i've been following you on twitter+blogspot+bloglovin, i just liked you and dallas&carlos on Facebook!

you can reach me at:

i'd pick a "V" necklace for fight on! (i'm a first year student at USC, if you don't know fight on is our motto/peace sign), and also because it sorta looks like a wishbone. :)

anyaichimei said...

Name: Anthony
Letter: A

Because my name is Anthony, but behind it is the fact that my dad and his father and his father, etc are all named anthony!

Robin said...

I'd choose the letter 'R' for Robin, my name. Haha yeah, very original I know.

Madeleine said...

done and done!

i'd like ü for über or β for beta.

or if you don't have them, A for Madeleine. A is definitely the best looking letter. :)

Emily said...

Emily Ng
Letter E because it stands for my name, and my mum would think that it is some random guy's initial if it isn't mine

YA5M1N3 said...

Name: Yasmine Lai
Letter: Y for Yasmine, obviously :)

Katie said...

Katie Lin
'A' for awesome cause I'm awesome :D

Monni Swizzle said...

AWESOME! A - Alexandra :D
They're so pretty and shiny!

Elle said...

Oh my oh my oh my

E for Elle, yo.

Cindy said...

I would get the letter C because of my name. Yep not very original.

Ina said...

ina battung

i'd pick "I" since nobody knows me by my birth certificate name. they might think i'm being cryptic when i'm not.

or i have a secret boyfriend.

lucindaa said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous! I'd love to own one!

Name: Lucinda
Letter: L, and it would stand for Lucinda!

Thanks :)

helloprettyladies said...

Name: Catrina Xu
letter: C for Catrina


JHOANA said...

J for Jlou =)

Jenny said...

congrats on 2000 and thanks for hosting this giveaway!

liked dallas and carlos & following you via gfc

i'd pick j for jenny! :)


vecha ♥ said...

V for Venny! :)

Julie said...

Congrats on the 2000 :)

I liked the page and i'm following you via google!


J for Julie please!

millizle said...

awesome giveaway!
i'd choose M for my name because i'm a boring poop like that :P

liked their page + following you via google : )


Mia Crespo said...

Not only did I liked, I also loved the sites! :)

Mia Crespo
M, it stands for Mia and also Miley, it's my nickname.
They say I look like her.

Liz. said...

Congrats on 2000 followers Jess! :)
I liked the page, and I'm following your via Google and Blog Lovin' but unfortunately I don't have Twittier :(
E for Elizabeth please! :)

Patricia said...

Congratulations on your achievement!
Awesome giveaway Ü
Did everything above.


A♡ for Awesome&Attractive! ~ \m/

Have a nice day! :)

Isabello said...

Isabella, I would choose an 'I' because of obvious reasons.

jehlei said...

Jenny T. (jehlei)
J for Jenny, my name :)

Anonymous said...

done done and done!

"T" for Trang, Trangster (rhymes of gangster heheh), Trangalang and whatever lame-ass other bad nicknames you/my friends can think of

p.s your hair is rad

AnnieH said...

Annie Harrington
H for my surname please (I already have a different A necklace)

Cotton doll ♥ said...

followed! (:
& J for jenny please $:

Ceedee said...

Love the necklace. I would love a "D" that stands for Dyane which is my first name.


amanda said...

I "liked" your FB page, & I'm following you publicly via GFC and bloglovin'!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

I would choose the letter A for Amanda!! - the necklace is the perfect everyday piece!

Amanda Nguyen

Annette said...

Followed them on Twitter! And I'm already following you on bloglovin.

I'd love the letter A for Annette!

Anonymous said...

hi!! I'm new at your blog, but I think it's great!
my name is paula and I would choose the letter P... for my name of course :)

Neamy said...

wowww, those are beautiful necklaces. need.

You realise you just introduced me to Bloglovin', your Facebook page, and Dallas and Carlos' Facebook page too, right? Amazing, thank you :) I've been following you on tumblr for ages. This will be much more convenient :D

I'd pick the letter N for Niamh, which not only means radiance in Irish, but it's also my name :)

PS you have the coolest hairstyle I have ever seen.

Ivonne said...

I'd pick V for Von, a nickname since childhood. I'm very fond of it.

yisu said...

Did both!

Name: Yisu
letter: Y for Yisu! Or for youth.. or for yellow......

Bella said...

Hi Jess!!
I'm following you on Bloglovin and i have followed Dallas and Carlos on facebook.
My name: Bella
Letter: B

Thank you! x

Kayla said...

I'd pick M for my last name!
Kayla Medica


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