Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Wayne Cooper wedges from Myer From $200 to $30. I've had my eye on them for a while now so when the bright red 75% off sign yelled in my face, I immediately succumbed to the all too familiar lure of cheap shoes.

I've let me guard down lately and fed my inner materialism monster - with a huge ASOS and Book Depository haul as well as seemingly random outbursts of money spending while walking around the city. These shopping blackouts of mine leave me vulnerable and slightly terrified at my capacity to throw away money as though it isn't real. And these are just the accessories I've bought recently.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Vintage necklace from eBay.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Secondhand octopus brooch and wooden animal necklace from Bankstown markets - Guess what's my new hobby? Haggling? Markets are the only acceptable environment in which I can openly let my frugality wild and loose.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Pot plants (3 for $5) from markets

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran

Delicate gold necklaces + Apple core necklace, thrifted - These necklaces are perhaps my favourite out of everything I've found recently.

Oh and just quickly - I had the pleasure of going to Noah and the Whale's gig in Sydney, and it was my first ever live music experience. And it was amazing. They were amazing. Who knew awkwardly standing around swaying to indie music could be such a wonderful experience?

And I started at Le Coq Sportif! So far, really great. My coworkers are ace and I'm not bad at selling things. I even bought jeans to wear to work (first time in what, 6 years?). If only you guys could see my work uniform - a polo, sneakers and jeans. Yep. I walked out of my room and my dad nearly rejoiced at how normal I looked.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran


jesthh(: said...

hey angel i lup you ♥

P.S. fuark i thought that apple core was real for a sec ; o ;

genvinout said...


genvinout said...


genvinout said...

go onto my ashion website jessica tran i love your look, i take photos of my photos from a jar!!!


S.Nadhir said...

I like how Norwegian Wood serves as the background and these are some really lovely finds !

Esp the Apple core necklace.

Annieo said...


The Fancy Teacup said...

I would not regret any of those purchases…especially your jewelry finds! They are all so eye catching and darling. And so jealous you got to t see Noah & the Whale live, love those guys!

♥, Jamie

Rocket Fashionista said...



Jessica said...

the shoes are amazing. and all the new accessories of yours are superb! the apple core necklace is my fav, but i do love all of them for sure :D :D

Zineb.C said...

Amazing purchases.

Linda said...

Great bargains! :D

Elly said...

Big fan of the apple core necklace, and Noah and the Whale are so good. Saw them at a couple of festivals recently, violin player is a serious babe. Hope retail doesn't kill your soul (it killed mine. Summer job, never again)

Theresa said...

Awesome stuff. I especially love the apple core necklace! So cool!


MellJBrown said...

I was so close to buying those shoes the other day! I have $40 of gift cards from being a Myer One member (all the points are from boyfriends purchases, not mine. Win) Unfortunately Top Ryde Myer didn't have my size. Those bitches.

I can't believe you've only just been to your first gig/concert?! Zoh my goodness. I can't even imagine that. I'm like dying right now because I've gone a couple of months without a gig. And you just seem like a gig-go-er, y'know?

That apple core is bad.ass.

-m xx

MissEvie said...

I love the octopus and the animal necklace from Bankstown markets. I didn't even know there were markets in Bankstown! Will have to check them out now - thanks for the tip ;-)

Michelleesque said...

Oh I am in love with that apple core necklace. I swear I keep seeing the apple core necklaces everywhere I look online! I also love the shoes that you got! :)

Tassos P said...

Oh, those are some excellent wedges! I looooove the shape and that blue is killer! The zebra necklace is fun too :)

Mary said...

Your shoes were such a bargain, and the colour is gorgeous. I love all the things you've bought too, they're so unique and fun.

Don't fret too much about feeding that materialism monster though, mine demands a meal at least once a week...and I'm sure that we'll be better with money one day. WE'RE STILL YOUNG LETS GO SPEND !

Honey Andrade said...

Loooove the shoes.. :) 30dollars aint that bad.. You'll survive! Haha!


Anonymous said...

I also got Wayne Coopers $200 pair of shoes on sale at myer, got mine on friday although i had had my eye on the blue pair they only had the black pair in my size...
I got them for $5 !!!! I im still excited about it !!!