Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beach Babein'

This editorial lets me overlook my sometimes blinding hate for beaches (I just don't get the combination of sunburn, the willing immersion into freezing and dirty water, salt-water attacking your eyes, unwanted exposure to private body parts by the more callous of beach-goers, the risk of having your own dingly-dangly bits escaping from flimsy bikinis and greeting the entire beach, the threat of sharks/jellyfish/drowning/getting swept out to see and being forced to eat your own left hand, eating sand-encrusted ice creams and the rank change rooms). Summer and beaches just aren't my thing. Before you run towards me ready to hurl your laptops and desktop computers - I never said I don't enjoy sunshine. I love sunshine. But there's a difference between a lovely, sunny day and a whole season of gut-wrenching, eyeball-melting, suffocating heat.

But, beaches and cold weather. I've never really sat down and properly considered that pairing. These pictures make me want to wear a white dress, sit on a deserted beach on a windy and rainy day and just pretend for a while as though I don't completely hate beaches and the torrent of excuses I give to everyone when I am inevitably invited to partake in sun and sand hedonism in the summertime.

Rasa Zukauskaite by Paul de Luna for WestEast Magazine.


jesthh(: said...


Literally froth haha get it?

The Fancy Teacup said...

Beachtime in the winter does have this calming glow about it. The sands are deserted, a refreshingly colder breeze, you are allowed to wear layers, and the sun is still shining, but in less harsh magnitude.

♥, Jamie

her persona said...

these pics are amazing!!


TheMinx said...

oh god, these are all so lush and beautifully photographed. I also prefer the beach when it's cool, don't mind the haters! :)

augustalolita said...

beautiful photos!! i love what shes wearing <3

augustalolita said...

beautiful photos!! i love what shes wearing <3

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

I think we may be kindred spirits. I despise the beach and my friends always try and make me go. I'm quite pale so I turn into an oversized lobster whenever I'm forced to partake in this Australian summer 'tradition' Sand in my lady parts? No thankyou.

I'll take rivers over ocean any day

-Laura xoxo

Katrina said...

I totally agree with you. It seems like I'm always the only one who dreads the summer as opposed to welcoming it! I don't understand how ANYONE can like sydney heat, it's just so sticky and thick, gross! How is that a good time? I'll take home with the air con blasting over laying in the sun on a beach anyday.

Zoё said...

Stunning editorial, I can't get enough of it. Great post as always.

Marina said...

That girl is simply flawless! The editorial sends my creative juices in a whirlwind.

Fabulous blog you have here. Glad I found you through Black Milk.