Monday, March 21, 2011


When faced with a crowd of early morning commuters, it's easy to choke. It's also easy to be one of those commuters, directing your collective anger towards whichever fuckwit person is being frustratingly slow while at the ticket machine. You concentrate all the hate and disappointment that you can harness in your body and unleash it upon said person with a silent fury that could make dinosaurs cry.


Cardigan: Courtesy of Toi et Moi
Dress: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Title: Fil Mirceski
Photography: Vinh Pham

But once you get to the front of the line...

It's easy to forget the alphabet. Aardvark Town? Your half asleep, confused little brain tells you that it must be at the end of the options, where Zig Zag and Wagga Wagga are. Of course! It's easy to suddenly lose the ability to direct enough force into your finger, causing your selection not to be registered by the machine - because you didn't press it hard enough. Hysteric and close to tears, you wish the machine was dead. You wish death upon the machine's family members. Frantically, you jam your finger into the little metal square, more determined that you've ever been in your life. Get a grip on yourself! But it's okay. It's easy to mistaken your seventeen years of age as 'pensioner', watching your finger press the 'cancel' button to begin all over again. The annoyance of the people in line behind you searing skulls into the back of your head. And it is really easy to do it all again, get your selections right and then suddenly spill all your coins amongst the feet of the very people who could use those feet to stomp the sense out of your face.

I don't know why public transport creates incredible amounts of tension amongst commuters but I kind of take pride in the fact that I can insert my ticket into the barriers before the gate has even closed on the person before me. My self-worth is based on how fast I can buy a ticket at the ticket machine, looking around to check if anyone has seen what a good little commuter I am. I don't even know why this should even matter.

I wrote all this half asleep on the train.

P.S. Thanks to Toi et Moi for the amazing cardigan. I can wear it with almost anything and I love love love the fit. Check out their campaign, it's a street-style sort of thing. I'll post it up next time because I'm half on the phone and half asleep.


angel said...

words can not describe how much i despise our transport system. rage.


Matthew said...

You start getting hysterical, paranoid, the ticket machine flashes "feed me a stray cat" in glowing emerald. There are no cats nearby. URRGGh.

jesthh(: said...

We can live in a first-world country and yet have terrible public transportation. DISGUSTING. And what's the big deal with these shitty massive billboards with well-dressed, happy-looking people? And then the massive title 'WELCOME ABOARD' right next to it? HELLO WE ARE NOT BOARDING A FLIGHT ITS JUST A FUCKING TRAIN RIDE UGH they could be spending that money on improving the system -_-.

P.S. Adore you, as always. 8)

alannah. said...

yeh i heard cityrail was a tad slack today!
i just get caught up in road traffic chaos on my commute to uni!
loving this dress though, i always wished id bought a t-shirt dress but i never found one i liked enough!x

michelle said...

i hear you loud and clear.
it's a joke.
pretty much everywhere else besides Sydney has efficient and cheap public transport.
following you,! hope you come by n visit.

The Dress Up Corner

Grace said...

Sydney has the worst public transport ever. Only in Sydney does it take you twice as long to get somewhere on public transport. No bus ever comes on time!

Cute outfit though hun :)

Grace x
secretly styled.

LUU H. said...

i have miss your outfits so much!

M e l a n i e said...

I love your outfit! =) Very cute. I knoe ehst you mean about the feeling you get when you get to buy your ticket quickly. xD Even though I don't take the train as often since I usually commute by car.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great outfit! Love everything from head to toe :) Gorgeous!


Kuleigh said...

I love your shirt dress and boots! The taller boots give a little extra coverage!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Your beautiful as always! Btw, where did you get your hope ring from? Its pretty! Thanks.

Paper Heart Girl said...

Lovely outfit! And, yes.. the commute is a real killer.. a miple train ride often turns people into ravenous vultures, I find. xxxxxxx

Camilla. said...

cute dress :)

xx Camilla

Pithsala said...

Really cute. Love your bag.

Brie said...

i can imagine having an awesome conversation with you haha, you're just so funny! i love this outfit <3
i just discovered today that you're 5 days older than me haha, i'm also 17 :)

Blackswan said...

this morning on the train, these two people were chewing their food with their mouth open - i could hear everything - i gave them mass dirties! haha

that cardigan sure does look like a great winter staple!

come drop by for a visit,

x Your Only Blackswan

m i s s . t e a said...

AHAHA i hate it when people at the ticket machine insist on using small coins... it takes soo long D:

Check out my giveaway?


clint on said...

i lol'd

Nutella Dreams said...

You're really Amazing girl!


MellJBrown said...

Buses are worse. At least trains turn up when they're meant to (except when some poor commuter snaps and jumps in front of one. Selfish bastard, causing delays with their death).

I die every evening after work when I have to go to druitt st. at peak time. it's evil. And of course, at a time when there should be MORE buses, mine still only comes half hourly and THEN it's always late, if it shows up at all. I mean, should I have to catch another bus and then walk for 20 minutes to my house like some chump?

I love the closeup shot of the bag- the ground looks like it's spinning

-m xx

choicesmultiple said...

Great boots!!

whitney said...

You are so adorable! Love this outfit.

Lobeni Lesley. said...

Oh my gosh, Why are you so cute? :O
Its not fair.
You're just so adorable and your style is so easy going. And with that song [you posted above] I am literally swaying my head to and fro and reading/checking out your posts. :)


Vivienne Kongvongsa said...

Love the cardi jess!


M & Em said...

Ahaha! I love your angry face. You're a doll!


M & Em said...

Ahaha! I love your angry face. You're a doll!


Tim said...

She is fabulous. What a great face.