Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rent free

You're The One That I want - Angus & Julia Stone (Grease cover)

Tenants don't last forever. Sometimes they out stay their welcome. Sometimes they start growing facial hair and start a meth lab in your bathroom. Sometimes you meet people in the grocery store whos hygiene and sensibilities appeal to you a lot more, and suddenly there's simply no more room for the original tenant. Maybe because they start to carve Satanic verses into the walls of your apartment because they've got nothing better to do. Maybe because they decided to buy a dog without telling you and when you stepped through the door for your quarterly property inspection, you got hit in the face with the overpowering stench of dog shit. Most of the time, though, they come and go without a fuss, and are gone when the contract ends. Maybe you were a good landlord, maybe not. You have room to improve with the next one that comes along.

Or you could just come live in my pants rent free. Either way is good for me.

I'm not even sure what I just wrote. What I do know, is that my friends and I stole a roll of barcode stickers at the supermarket that was originally marked for watermelons, stuck them on a packet of chips, and bought the chips for $0.27 cents. Evidence here (click).

Hope you're all having a very good week.
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S said...

That's totally genius.. obviously the people at the supermarkets were too bored out of their minds to notice. :0

Jessica said...

HAHAHAHA best shit ever!
chips for $0.27 cents

Jessica Guzman said...

If i weren't mistaken, you may be talking about crabs.


kiakiakiakia said...

Woah! They didnt notice? Cool haha

Clint on said...


curious constellation said...

I need to meet you and your friends. Oh my goodness!

lauderl said...

ty for these inspiring posts^^
I meditate about the bedspread and pick up the music ;)

Linda said...

Listen to this!

Hello-sayings from Sweden!


Tendai Lewis, 16 , UK said...

your just cool like the definition

this girl, anita. said...

definitely the most amazing song. after hearing this, I decided I wanted to go to Big Day Out. too bad I waited til February to see what Angus & Julia Stone could do :(

Anisa said...

why are you and your friends such badasses?!

abd why are we not badasses together!?



Connie said...

i love the sound of her voice! it reminds me of lisa mitchell, who i also love!