Sunday, April 25, 2010


What I wore to write essays + read at the library, miss my train 3 times, eat overpriced lasagne and read Frankie on the train home.

The cups of this dress are seriously wack. They're like 5m above where they should actually be, it makes me feel like I should hoist my boobs up with hooks or something.

Lace dress: Valleygirl.
Lion bag: Sportsgirl.
Black oxfords: Big W.
Grey cardi: Miss shop from Myer.
Necklace: Diva.
Rings: Equip.

Apologies for all the fragments of details, I never got around to taking a complete full length photo, and after taking an outfit photo with Shirley's 50mm f/1.4, I can't go back to the mediocrity of my kit lens.

And some gratuitous luvos with my hair unwashed:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Another Era

I just saw this off my Bloglovin' and I had to repost it. This image further reiterates the fact that 21st Century dressing has gone to shit, and that if I could,I'd gladly time travel. I'd be able to listen to The Beatles without being called "fucked", and I could be friends with cool cats such as these. Honestly, can you tell me that you've seen a group of people cooler than this? No. You can't. Because this is as good as it gets. Their coolness would be able to subdue a rampant dinosaur into submission.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Uniformity is Great.

So I woke up thinking that I would come home extra early today. WRONG. YOU READ THE TIME TABLE WRONG, DICKHEAD. Today I only get to go to school a little bit late, not leave massively early. And that depresses me. Because I was so psyched to hit up thrift stores and celebrate the long weekend (did anyone know that Monday is Anzac day btw - because I definitely did not until someone yelled it in my face last night. I'm such a great Australian, not remembering when Anzac day is.) So here I am on Polyvore, making outfits that I would rather wear to school than uniform.

Edit: Thanks Anonymous for telling me that Anzac Day is actually on SUNDAY. Brb hiding in shame from my obvious lack of patriotism.

Recommended activities for this outfit: Drawing things in circles instead of writing essays, looking out the window, sleeping in class, pulling the beanie down over your eyes and being amused, playground smack downs and baking cakes.

Recommended activities for this outfit: Doing maths homework with copious complaining, complaining about school in general, watching the clock, giving dirties, jumping in puddles, pushing in the canteen line, hanging out in the WWII section of the library and speaking in pig latin.

Recommended activities for this outfit: Daydreaming about Mark Salling in his underpants, eating half cooked, overpriced spag bol from the canteen, complaining about said spag bol, pretending to use that bag as a real camera (GODDAMN I STILL WANT IT), singing Lonely Island songs at the top of your lungs (I'M ON A BOAT MOTHERFUCKER TAKE A LOOK AT ME) and writing your name in block letters on school tables.

And in anticipation of the upcoming day that entails the complete cessation of high school and HSC bullshit:

Recommended activities for this outfit: Celebratory thrifting, running onto the highway screaming "I'M FREE MOTHERFUCKERS", celebratory cake-eating, celebratory rabbit cuddling, celebratory Twitter spamming, celebratory photo taking, overenthusiastic crushing hugs and dancing in the bathtub.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


1. What's the story behind 'Amourette'/how'd you come up with the name?
The whole idea behind Amourette is a girl in love. 'Amourette' in French means 'a passing fancy', I like to interpret that to mean like when you have a crush on someone. I liked that it matched the whole theme and it kind of represented the dizzyness and fickle nature of young love (plus it just sounds cute!)

2. Describe Amourette in a haiku.
Dresses for a girl,
who's ready to go dreaming,
spring summer and fall.

That was really tricky!

3. Describe the kind of girl who would wear Amourette.
The amourette girl is a flower child, full of wonder about the world and still finding her place; she could change her life in a second. She could be a punk, a cheerleader, a sporty spice, a wallflower, but most of all she's a dreamer!

4. When did you start designing? Has it always been a passion of yours?
Well, I remember making clothes for my Barbies but I suppose every girl did that when they were really little! I started learning to sew when I was 13ish, when I became more interested in fashion and being more conscious of what I wore. So I can't say it has been a passion FOREVAH. I had just started highschool, so I guess sewing/designing grew out of finding who I was. I began with reconstructing/embellishing t-shirts, then onto making my own skirts, then gradually into dresses.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Eek in 5 years I'll be 25, how awful! I'll have finished my Arts/Media degree two years earlier but I'll probably be unemployed and living on one of my successful Comm/Law friend's couches. Haha no I want to be travelling, preferably New York, because there are so many little pockets of the city that I didn't have time to explore the last time I went :)

7. What's your favourite ever piece of clothing that you've designed/created?
I think I'm most proud of my 'Anita' dress that I recorded a YouTube video for ( It was my first piece that I designed that I actually kind of researched for and drafted fully on my own and originated from a mood and feeling. Plus I also really loooved cutting up and reconstructing my school dress for Year 12 muck up day, it has a lot of fun memories!

8. Dream job?
My dream job would have to be one where I can choose my own hours, travel, and work on my own terms. But as close as I can see, it would be working at a youth fashion magazine like Teen Vogue, or Russh or Nylon, writing editorials and getting to meet other young designers just starting out their careers. If not that, owning my own store would be excellent, not necessarily of my own brand/designs but just filled with pretty things, great books, random knick knacks I like.

9. If you could have anyone, living or dead, as the face of Amourette - who would it be?
Jean Seberg! (Is that a really cine-hipster-wankery answer?) or Lisa Mitchell - she's a cutie. I also really admire and worship Michael Jackson but, uh, he wouldn't really wear my clothes well, for obvious reasons! haha.

10. And to finish off - what's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Too easy, cookies and cream! With extra cookie!

I was on Vogue forums when I came across Amie Mai's shop, and with a few clicks I found the most divine dress ever - the Luella-esque heart cut dress, which I've been looking for for AGESSSS. Her Michael Kors motorcycle boots also send me into a tizzy. But while I was ordering my heart cut out dress, which I'll be wearing every second day to lie around in and prance around in fields of daisies and shit, I thought, what the heck, maybe it'd be cool to interview this girl. Amie is lovely, and so are her dresses. So, check her out, and order something.

Stolen Moments.

SRETSIS SS 2010/2011.

I imagine wearing the majority of this collection would be the equivalent of stripping off all your clothes, dipping yourself in a giant frothy strawberry milkshake and then walking through a fog of whipped cream. And then some pieces look like what witches would wear if their hobby was baking. This, coupled with that gorgeous figurine-esque set up, which for some reason reminds me of Botticelli's Birth of Venus, is all so overwhelmingly delicious.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Pursuit of happiness.

Floral oversized granny esque blazer: Thrifted
Black tutu dress thing: $10
Black belt: Thrifted
Booties: Basque
Bag: Forecast
Random jewellery: Equip and Forever21.
Photography: My gorgeous friend Shirley. Check her out on Flickr.

My two favourite girls in the world:

And an extremely attractive photo of me:

P.S: To all those who left so lovely comments on my last post, thank you. I didn't mean I was going to become a drinker or anything, I was just trying to say that its' the people that matter...or something along those lines. I don't even know. But your comments made my day and made my heart turn into goo. So thank you <3.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up up and away.

Yesterday I went over to one of my friend's house. What we did? We played band hero, there was a copious amount of role playing involving a warped Star Wars based (from what I could gather) plot with plastic swords and nerf guns, ping pong, KFC, covers of the Pokemon theme song involving our impromptu band (which was called Jedify Him), and the use of spoons and cups as instruments, and ~rocking out~ to Cookie Jar by The Dream with two electric guitars and excessive crotch thrusting.

And it's been on my mind lately but I feel extra sappy this morning - we don't do these things a lot anymore. Ever since the end of last year I'm starting to realise the transition we (we being my friends and I) have gone through - from daytime guitar hero and trips to the parties ending beyond midnight and booze and saliva fests. Saliva fests are good. I'm not going to complain about making out, but, it's just kind of depressing. It really does feel like we're ~growing up~. This is all well and good, but I had the most fun I've had for a while, last night. Just sitting in my friend's room singing to crap rap songs off key and dancing around to Walking On Susnhine via Band Hero.

I think I'm all sad and shit about this growing up and this transition into night parties because I'm so not hardcore. I don't drink, I wear clothes from charity stores that were once probably owned by elderly ladies, my favourite hobby is listening to The Beatles on my bedroom floor, I do enjoy making out but not massively with everyone I meet. And it just really saddens me that events NOT fueled by alcohol will be increasingly less frequent. But what can you do? Maybe I'll just end up adapting and when you talk to me in a few years time I'll be scoffing at the idea of having a picnic at noon with no booze or nudity. But it'll all be fine, because if I adapt and grow up with these people that I guitar hero with, I'll be having these nude alcoholic picnics with the people I love, and that's all that matters.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Covering up.

The temperature is dropping, which means the storage of swimwear, the air conditioner, singlet tops, ice blocks and hair removal. It also means the reintroduction of my love affair with the heater, longer showers, the decreased ability to wake up in the morning, dry skin, thick jackets, minestrone soup, and the cultivation of hair on my legs which will be cleverly concealed by stockings. So rug up, and enjoy:

From top to bottom (also, click through credit is provided):
Untitled by hiℓℓa., Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye... by Brandon Christopher Warren, 81070023 by Gabriel Green, 27022010 by Hudslava, bloomy tea by Julia Mint, Untitled by eden;victoria, Untitled by ohsweetnuthin, Untitled by Maxim Pioneer, you are the earth beneath my feet by virgineyes, Pretty Little Teaparty by Kimme Ann, Untitled by A musical box girl., hummingbirds by pearled, Untitled by mackenna millet.