Sunday, January 31, 2010

You've Changed - Sia

Cardboard video game controls? Bright colours? Novelty sweaters? Dress up games using trashy garish 80s fashion? Cut out karaoke-style scrolling lyrics? YES PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Check out the 'Death' sweater, too. I wouldn't mind having some of that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyone Loves NYC.

I don't even know half the stuff I'm typing today. If I give you a weird response to your Formspring question, or on MSN, or on Facebook, this is my reason. I'm feeling all over the place. In other news, my bunny escaped....but the hutch door is still closed. INSANE AMIRITE?! He didn't even go anywhere. He just spent the night pooping all over the shoes and hiding underneath the clothes line. I don't even have a name for him, because I liked a lot that were suggested on Tumblr (special mention to "Hopper Von Floppenstein", but my mother wants to call it "Mrauuuuuuuu", as in the cat noise.


FAKE NYC SHIRT: Thrifted, $4.
BLACK CARDI: Cotton On, $15 or something.
BELT: Thrifted.
FAKEY GLASSES: Cotton On or something.
CHILD'S DRESS TURNED SKIRT: Thirfted, then Joanna.

Does it make sense if I say that I feel like I'm typing into a black hole? I don't even know.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shit I've Bought Recently

I've been a bit lacking in the posting area right now, and I still haven't started on any holiday homework either, so I'm not sure how that works. So, until next time, recent purchases (recent as in last 1-2 months, I was really struggling to think of something to blog about):

Orange tutu halter neck dress from "@Topshop", $10

Bardot "Cloud" dress, $15

Elephant necklace, Diva, $5

Miss Shop chain pocket tee, $20

Grandma dress, thrifted, $10. This is definitely the most grandma-esque dress I own. It goes halfway down my calves, and there's all this frilly shit at the top. But I love it, I think its the most beautiful thing I've ever bought, I just don't know when/how I'm going to wear it. Maybe just to frolic with my bunny in the bathroom or something, I don't know.

Glassons sequinned butterfly top, $25. I HAD TO TRAVEL TO BLOODY CHATSWOOD FOR THIS. It was sold out EVERYWHERE, and Chatswood was the closest destination. 1 hour and a half travel time to buy a butterfly top that is a size too big, anyway. Me? Desperate? Nah.

All children's dresses, reconstructed into skirts by my talented friend, Joanna. All from $4-$6, all thrifted.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playing the ukulele is almost as fun as doing this other thing

Ignore my facial expression. Guys, bicentennial park is dangerous. It was like a war out there, mozzies vs. Aussies. And the Aussies were outnumbered, exhausted and some of the soldiers were fighting on an empty stomach and insufficient hours of sleep (i.e. me). I'm not even kidding when I say my whole left leg is swollen red from mosquito bites, and I'm pretty sure I contracted malaria or something because my arms are tingling....or maybe thats the result of spending an hour resizing, uploading and tagging 150 photos for Facebook last night. I'd prefer to say I got malaria, though. Its like bruising your shin from doing something lame, like ...falling in the toilet, but telling people a wild rhino headbutted your leg.

Striped blue and white "man" shirt: Salvos ($3).
Tiered lace skirt: Some random store ($20).
Tan boots that failed me and broke, leaving me running around yelling 'HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SOLE???': Dotti ages ago ($20).
Tan and navy bag: Salvos, ($5)
Bird necklace: Forever21 ($???)

In other news, we got kicked out of karaoke because the others were drinking and being silly tits. Which sucked, I hadn't gone to karaoke in so long and I was really getting into the groove of yelling lyrics to rap songs and the Backstreet Boys. OH GUYS PS, these photos were taken by my good frond Shirley with my camera. Check her out.

Lately I haven't been doing any homework. I bought my ukulele, which is probably the worst decision I have ever made in my entire life up to this point, because now I have so many avenues of procrastination to wander down, it's frightening. I keep telling myself that I'll do this and I'll do that as soon as I finish doing THAT. But it never happens, and I end up doing THAT for hours and hours.

Anyway, say hi to my ukulele! I only brang it to the BBQ so my musical genius of a friend Timothy could tune it for me (BY EAR TOO, HOW AMAZING IS HE?), and it ended up being the plaything of the day. Half the photos stemming from that day had my ukulele in them. I love you ukulele. Now I need a name for it, any suggestions?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boys in Borders

NOTE: SORRY ABOUT MY FACE IN ADVANCE. I only had 3 hours of sleep this day!!

Blue Striped Skirt converted into a dress: Thrifted, ages ago ($3.50).
Dog silk scarf: Thrifted ($5)
Tan loafers: Thrifted ($4)
Satchel: Thirfted ($1)
Beige cardigan: Some random place ($15)
Pearl bracelets: Diva ($5)
Silver dragon scale belt: Thirfted ($2)

I felt like the biggest grandma in this ensemble...walking around in a silk scarf, LOAFERS, pearl bracelets, a cardigan. All I would have needed to complete the look would be a little dog in a handbag. Do the elderly usually carry little dogs in handbags? Or maybe thats just the Parisian elderly ladies in my head.

Basically the whole day was about hanging around in Borders and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. WHICH IS, BY THE WAY, AN AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING MOVIE. Honestly, one of Anderson's best work. I was a bit unsure about the idea of Wes + an animation, but ugh. It surpassed my expectations. It was such a typical Wes Anderson film too. From the extreme use of Futura (I've grown to love this font so much due to his movies), to his wide angle pannning and Jason Schwartzman (who was so brilliant as Ash). There was even a sub plot about the relationship between father/son. Typical Wes. George Clooney made a stop motion fox charming and handsome. I laughed so many times and the mushy moments weren't too mushy. WELL DONE, WES. My eyes thank you for countless visual orgasms. One thing that really disappointed me - the attendance. Fantastic Mr. Fox has only been out for TWO days, and the session I attended had only 10 people. WHAT? Makes me want to throw bull ants on fire at kittens.

And the project we were meant to do - taking photos of people and their favourite books + one word to sum it all up, didn't go that well. Rejections, strange looks and suspicion, which ultimately resulted in us legging it from Borders. My two favourite are up there though. The kid wrote "Ninjas" and the lovely lady - Rosemary - wrote "intuitive". She was telling us about how in the ~olden days~ handwriting was an art and it was taught in school.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010. Bring It On.

Wearing -
Slinky gold cropped asymmetrical hem top thing: Cotton On ($35)
Striped PJ pants that Theresa transformed into shorts for me: Thrifted ($4)
Metallic heels: Zu ($45)
Gold/black crucifix: F21 ($5)
Stack o' bangles: Diva ($5, yaay!!)
Black boxy bag: Thrifted ages ago ($6?)

What I wore to a party in my bedroom with my friend where we both dressed up and acted like knobs. HAHAH I'm not going to post photos on Facebook or here because it is extremely embarassing, involving a few hours of The Beatles and Trivial Pursuit. So guuuuuys, its 2010 now. You know whats disappointing? Fireworks. They can make babies out of test tubes and they're starting to twiddle with invisibility and all that, so why can't they go and make decent fireworks? I want to see dragons. I want to see unicorns leaping out of the night sky in a shower of neon sparks through a lighted field of fireworks. That's how I want to welcome the New Year, Sydney. Step up your game. 2011 I'll be going out for sure, and if you disappoint me, I quit you. I'm not sure how one quits a city without leaving it, but I can make that happen.