Thursday, December 30, 2010


The end of a year and the dawn of a new one (not to mention the end of a year filled with graduation, 18th birthdays, drivers licenses and other adolescent beginnings) calls for sentimentality. A whole decade is over. I'm (hopefully...probably) going to uni next year. I'm turning 18 next year. It calls for a post filled with bullshit and sappy thank yous and expressions of affection, so for the majority of my readers - you don't need to read any further beyond the outfit because it's going to be me harking back to 13 year old Jessica, giving out dedicatiOnNnnzZz on my blog).

Khaki maxi skirt: $10 random shop (called @Topshop....i saw another one called "At Zara". DODGY AUSSIES)
Bicycle singlet: Cotton On men's (the boys in the pictures below all have the same tank, we bought it at the same time, how cute are we)
Clutch: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Photos: Theresa from Somewhere, Someday
My face: Slightly tipsy + heaps sleepy.

2010 was the year I pretty much grew up a whole lot. It sounds cheesier than a bowl of Easy mac (WHICH IS FUCKING GODLY), but it's true. It's the year I graduated. The year I sat through my HSC and survived it. The year that saw me take a hypocritical turn from alcohol-fearing dismissal to booze-embracing inebriation. The year I didn't listen to my parents very often (which is not good, I'm not proud of it). The year I lost my job for being a bitch. The year I bought floral Docs. The year I discovered the joys of Milan Kundera and the wonders of Kings of Convenience. The year I met a whole lot of awesome people. The year I went from Hip-ster music to Hip-Hop, and back. The year I bought a 50mm. The year I learnt a Korean Dance. The year I spent my afternoons in libraries and McDonalds, and on early morning buses to sneak back home. The year I fell down the crack between the train and the station platform. The year I spent in phone conversations to lovely people listening to me whine about my silly little life.

2011 will be better. There's no use thinking negatively because negative thinking attracts negative .....I don't know. It's late. I haven't showered. I smell. 2011 resolutions:

1. Be less of a bitch.
3. Be less of a bitch.

Resolutions never stick. But maybe, "be less of a bitch" is simple enough to stick.

I hope you guys have a brilliant NYE (and a safe one), and an even better 2011. I hope 2011 is kind to you. Thank you so much for reading my blog, coming up to me on the street to say hi, sending me drawings, sending me such lovely e-mails. I will reply to every comment on this post. You readers make my day.


And throughout it all, there were people who sat by and watched me trip over my own feet (literally, this ain't no sentimental metaphor bullshit) and instead of helping me up, would instead point and laugh at me. And I love them for it. Because even though half the time was spent teasing my "petite" size, or my lack of coordination, or my pouty lips, or my "ganga" ness, they're still there. Whether that be consoling me for the 5823906826th time, laughing at me, or giving me a good hug, or tolerating my endless stream of shitty attempts at rapping and my overuse of the phrase "cool beans". I don't tell my friends I appreciate them enough, so this is another endeavour to try and let you all know how much I really do, appreciate you guys. If I didn't include you here, please blame my shit goldfish memory, and know that I do appreciate you too. Everyone here has affected my 2010 for the better, like hot pants. Hot pants make everything better.

The boys in the above photo: you guys are fucking amazing (+ Aaron and Simon who weren't at this particular BBQ EDIT: SIMON SAYS "I WAS AT THE BBQ YOU DRUNK BITCH" Oops.). I would never have discovered the wonders and horrors of Jersey Shore and GTL without you. I would be shitter at gabbering than I already am. My nights would be spent Strathfield-less and my clothes would not be smelling of cigarette smoke all the goddamn time. Peter (on the far right) upon taking the photo exclaimed "MY CHICKEN AND I ARE GOING TO BE FAMOUS". That's why I love you, Peter. Midnight cruising and Like a G6 and that OMG SHAWTY'S SUCH A FREAK SONG, and all the other hip hop you guys got me listening to. You make my nights brighter. I'm such a lucky girl to be friends with such intensely attractive males, Kevin, James, Roger and Peter (and Aaron)

They only get a massively long paragraph because they were present at the time of my brainwave of having a huge blog post dedicated to my friends.

Aaron & Tim (first and last on the first row) - I know you don't like having your photo taken, so I chose one that doesn't show your face. Kids from other grades apparently think we're going out. We are sOoOoO kyot together. You and Tim are my favourite gay parents. I miss hanging out at your place even though all you guys fucking do is play piano and Starcraft. Tim - you're the most Asian non-Asian I've met, ever. Miss you, and will catch up with you when you get back from Durras or God-knows-where.

Shirley (middle female) - NO WORDS FOR YOU. You know how much you mean to me. If anyone who's not Shirley is reading - she's fromt he grade below and our friendship started from my stalking her on facebook. You're going to be so successful, and your talent blows my pants off every day of my life bro.


All the Grade 2011s here: You guys are adorable, and I envy your grade and I WISH I WAS IN YOUR GRADE BECAUSE YOUR GRADE IS AMAZING.

Jess G in particular:
(10:11 PM) Guzzz: Blog about my sexy arms
(10:12 PM) Guzzz: Night mother fucker. Msg me tomororow if u want to meet up and eat meat

She has sexy arms.

Linda; you're a fucking wild child. Let's kiss again sometime. You have the best style, and for some reasno we don't talk much but I'm still so comfortable to tell you anything. P.S. I'm borrowing your ACNE's, bitch. Jokes, your feet are too big LOL. But you're super fun, and super lovely.

Bob Waffle: You and your Hurlstoners are super hip and I vaguely remember being told to say something about how cool you are and shit or how great you are. You like balls. You're pretty sweet as a friend, bro.

Gordon/Filip/Hubert: Thank you for always being there to listen to me whine. I can tell you this shit over the phone so ...ya....

Monkey/Siagra/Simon: Sorry for slapping you all the way back in year 8 or whatever. You're a super-smoot acne-free BAMF, and you're a really chill guy. I still have your notes on my phone from April. Love you. "WAAT U MEAN MUTA FUKA"

Jimmy: I don't even know how I became friends with you but you're a fucking boss. That's all I need to say. I'm running out of time and I'm talking to you on MSN so ill just tell you there wtf.

Grass Gnomes: It's a shame we don't talk anymore but you are still the smartest, and loveliest bunch of girls I've met. We will still keep in touch I swear. Even if van is in Melb. We'll skype that shit. GG 4EVZZZZZ BRO. Maybe we can make gnocchi at mine sometime again, because when Joanna makes that shit it blows my mind. P.S. You're all so talented and you'll be so so successful.

+ Alex Chan because you are fucking hot and shit and you get a whole banner to yourself. You've listened to me be a bitch the whole year. You're the only person I know who's half a good a stalker as I am. See you tomorrow IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU FUCKER
+ P. Liao, you are one super funky monkey. Sorry I couldn't be bothered getting a pic to you. We go way back AYE. Coffee soon. Stop getting worn out by work. It's cool we're still friends :) Sorry for eating all your ice cream



Silkybow said...

Your outfit is so nice as always. Love the long maxi skirt :)

iluvbarney said...

at first I thought I was hungry, then I realised I'm too full of love to have anything else.

happy new year, dude.

Linda said...

ngaww thank you so much jess (L)
and yes, lets. kiss again sometime ;) its been a pleasure these past few months, getting to know you better and actually talking! ahahah btw i got another pair. We should go thrifting together sometime. In feb, when im back. It'll be epic. Save up betch :D

Love you. See you tmr babe.

shirleycatfatcat said...

Jessica Tran, how happy I am that you not only:
a) stalked me
b) added me
c) spat all over my face in capitals
but I'm also happy that you're my best friend. So happy. Feel free to come over to my house and wrap yourself up in my Esmerelda quilt cover and laugh at my pjs and call me a dirty vietnamese. Love you girlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
So much love.
P.s. My brother laughed, freaked out and ran away from my computer screen when he saw your pm. "Shirley you're on here. Shirley..she's a ............"

jjeje said...

Mate, I could've sworn that you fell in the gap between the train and the platform in 2009, because I distinctly remember some Year 11 chick being hoisted out by some Year 11 dude.
But besides that, hope you enjoy 2011 - uni will be great if you love what you do (meaning your course, hopefully, haha).

Thu said...

I love the maxi skirt and that vintage belt! I hope you have a great NYE! x

Athena. said...

This was such a sweet, nostalgic/sentimental post, and also I love your bicycle top. I hope the last week of 2010 has been most kind to you; and that 2011 is a fantastic, peachy year. xxxxx

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

You are so beautiful <3

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

such a cute post. totally love your top, that bike pic is really awesome. and the maxi goes so well
Scrapbook de la Emma

Vicky said...

Love this outfit. That bicycle top is lovely! Hope you have a perfect New Year as well, and hope 2011 is as amazing as you want it to be x

nicolethedressupdoll said...

I love the clutch!great styling!:)


Anonymous said...

Love the tank. I think imma go out and get it. That, and a maxi skirt. If only I could find one for ten bucks over here! This is such a sweet post :)

Happy new year!

FashionHippieLoves said...

wow you look awesome!


Anisa said...

I read through almost all of that (minus the last part) but it sounds like you had an amazing and unforgettable year where mucho memorable shit happened. And I feel like I certainly did too (I wonder if everyone's 2010 was like this?) I definitely grew up since I'm currently at college (believe me; shit gets real, real fast, but in a good and awesome kind of way) But anyways, I love how real you are in your blog, I feel like we're BFFLES (not in a creepy way...I promise I don't stalk you...)

I just wanted to let you know how much I LURVE your blog! I've been an avid reader this year (I first discovered your blog during summer and have been hooked ever since) You are sort of the inspiration to my own blog (you should totes hop over there and check it out, fyi teehee shameless plug!) I freakin' envy your effortless style and chic-ness and your hilarious writing. It seems as though you've got it all (and you like in motherfucking Australia, how much awesomer can it get?!) Ah, jeal.

Anyways, time to end this long ass fucking comment (I swear like a sailor, I shouldn't, new years resolution? nah) I hope you have a super awesome ass kickingly amazing NYE and even more delightful 2011 full of butterflies and edible rainbow (uhh...that's not as bad as it sounds, promise)

P.S. You look amazing, as always! I love that you can pull off a maxi dress even though you're shorter than me! That's called skillz my friend.


Sarah Lauren said...

Firstly, you look lovely as always. Secondly, mega lol at the '@topshop' store you got your maxi skirt from. And thirdly, Happy new year and best wishes for 2011. :)

Camilla. said...

I love that top :)

ЯαηdoмPixεl said...

2011 will be the best year of my life i promise myself haha I love this post it was so inspiring and you know... inspiring. Yeah, friends are the best. Dont change much either just a little bit cause i love the way you are Jess you are just super duper cool and you named innanimated stuffs haha. Good luck in 2011 I will still reading you so dont worry haha. Happy New Year and have a great NYE. Party Hard haha.

xinwei said...

the top is amazing! (: i'm not sure why, but posts like these are the best--it makes you feel all nostalgic and shitty and you feel like saying "crap, it's another year".

well, it's not new year here in Malaysia yet, so i'll be writing my new year eve's post now--i think.

p/s: i feel like a complete idiot now that i see NYE=New Year's Eve. i kept reading it as New York E_____ on your twitter. =_=

Stylison said...

cute outfit!I have a similar red clutch as yours =)


Jessica said...

omg at the edit of simons comment. HILARIOUS.

sPam said...

LOL at drunken anecdote. Always a necessary component for a fun party. :)

Hope you have an even badass year next year.

sPam of frou-frou

TheMinx said...

I can honestly say that I really enjoy every single post you write. Have a great new year, I can't wait to continue reading Jess and Fred in 2011 :)

The Little Dust Princess said...

You're so cute and short. : ) Cute how you and your friends have the same tank. ; ) hahahah

Hope you have a happy new year, Jess! We have the same name.

xx The Little Dust Princess

Annika said...

LuLu said...

Lovely outfit! =)

JD said...

WELL, i just wanted to say, in ref to a blog u did many weeks ago that i have a neopets account and whenever it's halloween or christmas i think 'ooo i should log onto neopets to get free gifts!!'. I was quite the addict bk in 2008ish. Your blog is so lovely! You quirky mad girl! You make me smile :D x

Joy and Amore said...

cute look,so chic and unique.and wishing you have a great new year eve.

MellJBrown said...

shamefully, a part of me loves @topshop. The one in Chattywoo is fair decent and who doesn't like a shopp where EVERYTHING IS $10 ZOMGBBQ
cool beans? OH KATHY
I love this outfit. Probably because I would wear it in a heartbeat. I even have a khaki maxi! but i spent $45 like a chump. I still love it though...

Happy New Year, hope next year is better.
-m xx

Nettie said...

I love the way you blog. LOL. It's like your talking to me face to face. Hahaha.
And I love your top btw :>

LeRae said...

you look so cute~ :)
happy new year


vanilla with sprinkles

janet said...

you look so adorable~!
happy new year to you too!:D

jesthh(: said...


Mani said...

There's an 'At Zara' shop too? HAHA xD Happy new year to you too, Jess :)

Jessica Guzman said...

I love you Jessica tran.
I love your face.
I love your pelvic thrusts.
I love your spontaneous dancing.
I love your name.

beaglebot said...

I really like this shirt and your style. It's nice to see someone who's young but already has the confidence to create a style that's theirs.

cathy. said...

I admit, I got bored halfway through, but I'm sure it was awesome - I just didn't have the patience. Soz, bruh. Love the maxi skirt. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


choicesmultiple said...

I've really enjoyed your skirt and clutch. I absolutely love your belt color/tone, such an elegant piece.

kelsea said...


happy new year jess <3

elegant storms said...

i read through the whole damn post and i'm not even mentioned.. wtf! ahaha jk we've never even meet -__- either way i'm expecting a comment back. BECAUSE I READ THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN THING AND WAS NOT MENTIONED.

Rebecca Clairine said...

wow !
u look amazing !



Dominique said...

I just love reading your blog! you've got amazing style and the way you write your posts never failed to make me smile/laugh! You're one super pretty, chic and smart girl! I wish you all the best in 2011 and in the coming years! Happy new year jess!

YOKO ONO said...

esp the top, i kinda gasped then sighed when i saw it
happy new year!

Hannah said...

Merry New Years Jess! I looovee your singlet and bag so much.. mainly because I have very similar items ;)

I actually read this entire post despite the fact I have no idea who those people are haha Anyway, hope 2011 is awesome and what-not!

kiakiakiakia said...

Have a fabulous new year!

Just Another Londoner said...

I read it all anyway...your blog is my procrastination salvation...But how are you a bitch, you don't come across like that? (Rhetorical question obvs.) I like your skirt, methinks another of my constantly evolving resolutions should be to shop in dodgy shops more often.

Caro said...

Love the outfit!

Karen said...

Outfit is so pretty! Love the skirt and the belt was a nice touch ^^

- Karen

TASHA B said...



Anonymous said...

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fenderdoj said...
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