Monday, December 6, 2010

El Ateneo

I needed to share this. It's too beautiful not too share. How can a book store be this beautiful? I could spend my whole life here. Transforming an opera theatre into a book store. Whoever's idea it was deserves three thousand neopoints and a pat on the back (yes, I tentatively ventured back into the land of Neopia and free omelettes and jellies with my half-starved-to-death Kacheek. Points to you if you understand anything I'm saying right now). There's almost too much brilliance for my tired eyeballs to handle, I could gouge my eyes out right now, if I had a spoon and maybe a mop to clean up the mess. P.S. it's in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

But whenever I think of Buenos Aires I just think of Carmen Sandiego.

I feel really rutty. In a rut. Again. And I'm not too sure why, but I've become this angry gremlin. All the time. It's like there's an angry little goat riding on my shoulder making me want to throw bricks at everyone I see and everything I do. That's a lie, I know exactly why I'm so angry all the time, but it's irrelevant now. I don't really feel myself these days. Music doesn't sound the same, I can't be bothered dressing, I eat too much, I don't sleep enough. Whatever. Just a silly teenage angst phase. I was attacked by a plant the other day (or, more aptly pointed out by my friend: the plant doesn't move. You tripped on your own feet and fell on it.) and now i have this nasty splinter in my thumb that somehow worked its way completely under the surface of my skin and is just being irritating and making it harder than 4u maths to text people.

And just because there's no such thing as too much beautiful shit on one page -

Hope you are all having a better weekend/post-HSC period/holiday/day/night/morning/afternoon than I am. x

From top: Sr. Bigotes, images, deaida, daniloidman and Louis Montemayer.


joninel said...


Cariza Sugartown said...


Kaye said...

both places look wonderful.
AND YES TO NEOPETS i must look in my bank. if only interest didn't have to be collected daily, neoinflation would have been up so hard.

feel better <3

sPam said...

It's such a lovely place! If I were rich, I think i'd have something like this built in my house!

sPam of frou-frou

curious constellation said...

Oh yes, Neopets FTW!

It's beautiful. My social life would die if I ever went there.

shona said...


oh, neopets :D loved the jellies and the omelettes. wish i could log in but i found out my account was deleted!

Stylison said...

splendid! where is that bookstore located at?


Malicious Mallory said...

What a gorgeous library!!

Ahh, neopets! 3000 neopoints is not nearly enough for such a magnificant library. Kacheeks were my favorite too though :)

Serina said...

Got to be the most beautiful book store I've seen!

And haha, I wish I could go back to the days when my biggest worries were feeding my neopets!

Just Another Londoner said...

Neopets...ah, I remember the days...
I hate feeling like that, and the worst thing is that nothing anyone says helps! So this comment is a bit futile really. Well, at least you discovered that amazing bookshop, I could spend half a lifetime in there!

Agnes said...

I was in tumblr and somebody posted this link as "The most incredible place. Ever.", and I felt so curious I had to click it. I was expecting a tremendous landscape or something like that, so I couldn't possibly believe my eyes when I saw this book store.
I live in Buenos Aires, and I my daddy had taken me and my sister for the first time to "El Ateneo" like ten years ago: it was truly magic.

By the way, Carmen Sandiego also makes me think about my hometown, I love it when Buenos Aires or Argentina are named in random stuff from other countries. And I used to play Neopets like crazy when I was younger, so can I claim the extra points for getting every word you wrote? haha
Well, I just wanted to tell you all this, I felt really happy when I read your post, you wouldn't believe how incredible "El Ateneo" really is. I hope some day you'll be able to come here and experience it yourself.

Hermione Granger said...

this is amazing. end of story!

Jenna said...


Yes. Neopets.

Amie said...

gosh it is stunning! i'd love to travel south america one day :)

x amie

Francesca said...

oh my flippin goddddddddd. photos=epic. there can definitely not be enough beautiful shit on one page.

Athena. said...

Oh my gosh. I think my brain just had a fit, there is so much unconventional beauty on this page. Books, glorious books, in the most beautiful setting, arranged in the most beautiful manner. I think I could very well marry this place and have its little beautiful book-store babies.
Just kidding, fornicating with inanimate objects is totally uncool.
But seriously, wow. I am prattling on, that is how wow-ed I am. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. I think you are so lovely, and I hope you get out of this rut soon! Burn the little goat and eat him/watch cute little movies? This too shall pass, I promise.

Vy Nguyen said...

I freaking know how you feel. I'm pissed off at everything, I want to rip everyones head off and just waiting for the first person who actually does piss me off and BAM their dead.

Mary said...

I. Need. To. Live. There.
Or at least be in there for at least 3 hours.

Anyway, I hope you feel...less angry soon, and have a great post-HSC holiday! School's out; we're freee :)

Jenny said...

Neopets fy!! advent caldender has started by the ways!! haha, i use to be so obssessed with it.

That place is amazing btw!

vdcouture said...

god that place is amazing <3


Karissa said...

ooooooh myyyyy that book store is amazing. & it's funny how I understood everything you said about neopets, I had a kacheek too, haha.

vogueish said...

i could just pack my bags and go there to settle forever.....!!!!!1

Mani said...

OH MY GOSH, I could live in there and never be bored... I'd probably go to Argentina just to visit

susy said...

wowwwwwwwwwww that place looks freaking amazing, i'd live there and still not have enough time to read all of those books O_O

jesssica you should be enjoying your new found freedom! hopefully you did today! sorry if this is freaky but i saw you around townhall today! wearing your space skirt and fake converse chucks :P i was going to say hi but.. ye.. would have been weird.. the conversation might have been " OMG HEY!! ............ sorry i just recognise you from your blog :P"


Jamie Pilgrim said...

ooooooh! SO gorgeous!

and I totally got the neopets reference... I just felt a little bit nerdy and special :)

MellJBrown said...

Neopets and Carmen Sandiego in one post!! ah-mazing.
And no, I'm not having a better life than you. There's not much awesomeness in real life anymore. I miss Europe. If I could be there again, but with my boyfriend, and without access to facebook it would be excellent.

Ranter said...

Neopets! I love Neopets! I always prefered the unicorn things. I had an epic horse-obsessed phase when I was 7 and I still rode them.

And Carmen Sandiego! Nostalgiaaaaaaaa!!!

Oh, and Jess, if you're actually reading this, I would love to interview you for the student-run magazine that I'm coordinating (Post Ubique - search for us on Facebook): I tried emailing you but got no reply. I totally understand if you're not interested, but it would be lovely if you were. Drop us a line at

PS: When I played Neopets, my pets lived off free omlettes and the Soup Fairy.

Jennifer said...

seriously, this is UBER COOL =D

gordon said...

belle and sebastian dress up in you on repeat is a good prescription for bad moods
or who's line is it anyway on youtube
or a bit of fry and laurie
try it
ps prolonged anger causes disasters in Neopia and also kills unicorns. please, think of the unicorns

novanity said...

OMG! This is so amazing!!

purple-elephantss said...

that's such a freakin awesome bookstore!

ps. i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog :) check it out!

Rebeca said...


I would love to be a book just to be in that store! Is so amazing!

Rebeca xxx

Agost said...

i live in Buenos Aires, El Ateneo used to be a movie theater tha went out of business. a bookstore chain called yenny bought the place and turned it into a bookstore...but preserving most of its spirit. just bought a book there last week.
lovely blog, i came across it almost by chance, and got very surprised to see a pic of a place that familiar to me.

Emma said...

I'm also from Buenos Aires :D
this is so rad!

I used to spend hours and hours there reading books for free!

you have such a great website, I'm following you :)

Luli said...

Hey, Im an asian living in Argentina. Actually, El Ateneo was just around the corner from my highschool. I used to go there and read those expensive design books for free. Ah hell yeah, it´s an amazing book store.
Im an regular reader and follower, firt time I comment though. Love your blog!

isetmyhaironfire said...

this is way too gorgeous and you are way too cute. :)

Anonymous said...

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