Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun.

I went to the beach yesterday and it was the most traumatic day of my life. The waves relentlessly body slammed me into the sea bed and at one point into a young black kid's head which caused A MASSIVE BLACK BRUISE on my hip. I didn't even realise it was there until I changed to go to bed and this massive bruise is all like, 'HELLO!!'

Bad shit that happened: lost my lens cap, went on the wrong train and ended up somewhere about an hour from where i live, massive black bruise that has its own post code, scraped knees and salty eyes, a sandy nose and sunburnt shoulders (I forgot to put sunscreen on! :( )

Good shit that happened: lovely old Asian men tried to help me retrieve my lens cap in the sand, free sand exfoliation, FREE MEAL (voucher from magazine), finally got some colour to cover my school skirt + sock tan, and I had fun :)

Leather J: Sunnygirl ($80)
Uneven hem tie dye pocket tank: Bardot ($10)
Cut offs: Smith Family Store ($5, were once jeans)
Studded gladiator flats: Equip ($20)
Lion tote bag: Sportsgirl ($15)
Butterfly ring: Equip ($5)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


All rings from Etsy. Owl ring, Ramen bowl ring, Frog ring, Cougar knuckle duster, Pile of skulls ring, OMG ring, House ring, Cat and mouse ring, Cicada ring, Octopuis rings, Howling fox knuckle duster, Pig in a pig in a pig ring.

Reasons why rings are great things to wear:
  1. When it comes down to it, rings are fantastic weaponry. With a few rings on your fingers you can tear through anyone's face easily. You're walking down a dark alley (I don't know why you'd be walking down a dark alley, lets just say you are), and this creepy guy in a trench coat wearing sandals with socks approaches and starts salivating all over you and - BAM - You just bulldozed his face with your ringed fist. Crisis averted.
  2. It does make you feel sort of like an Italian mobster. At least, I think Italian mafia dudes wear rings. Right? Doesn't Fat Tony from The Simpsons wear rings? Doesn't matter. Bottom line is, rings are bad ass.
  3. It also makes you feel like royalty. I don't know about you, but wearing them makes me want to run around being all snooty and shit and making people kiss my rings.

How bloody adorable are these pieces? Everything from this Etsy shop makes me want to audibily squeal with joy and pillage the supermarket for their marshmallows and glitter. The typewriter necklace is particularly precious, look at the detail on it. It'd probably be best friends with my neck, but sadly, all sold out :(

Cuteability's Etsy Shop - Click here for more.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy!

* Daddy-long-legs!

* Little kids flirting with each other.

* Spending the last few years with my hair down and all of a sudden tying it up everyday. My neck feels like an untamed lion emerging from a dark cave.

* Dancing embarassingly and singing at an unorthodxly loud level to Beatles songs.

* Falling asleep with Hamish & Andy podcasts.

* Spinning in circles.

* The musty, misty, elderly person smell of thrift stores.

* Dog saliva. I just read that back to myself and it sounds a bit strange, but dog saliva. When they lick you all over like you're a big slice of cake.

* My boxers.

* This list.

* Reliving social events that have already past through Facebook photos.

* Crying because of movies.

* Trying on perfumes at department stores.

* Falling asleep to the sound of heavy rain.

* Flowers!

* Learning dances. So far, I've learnt the Hoedown Throwdown, The YES! dance, the dance that Quinn did for her audition (from Glee), and parts of ridiculous Korean girl band dances.

* Stumbleupon.

* Free periods!

* Running to folk music. I used to run to trash pop from the radio, it pumped me up like nothing else. I'm trying folk music for a while, it sort of mellows me out to the point that I don't feel any pain when I'm running, I just feel wind rushing against my face and I don't really see anything, I just see the colours of the sun as its rising and this probably making any sense but its beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

* Making playlists on itunes. So far, I have: "Cheer up emo bitch/stay cheery", "throwing a self pity party", "I LOVE YOU SUMMER", "diabetes" (for songs that are about love and are super sweet and make me want to run onto the street and kiss the first person I see), running playlist and "FATHER TRUONG" (trashy pop for my dad to listen to. He likes Taylor Swift the most. He's also learnt the lyrics to most of the Lady Gaga songs. I love my dad.)

* Taking pictures of taps..I guess.

* Browsing the book section in second hand stores.

* Hot showers in Winter and cold showers in Summer.

* Reading Frankie and Yen.

GUYS, GO OUTSIDE, DANCE AROUND, CALL UP A FRIEND AND HIT UP YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET. Life is incredibly beautiful and I feel like I'm on drugs. I think I'm having some sort of hormone imbalance, everything is beautiful. It really is. You just have to look around to see it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Truth Is...

The premise of "The Truth Is..." project is pretty simple. People write what "the truth is..." to them on a post-it note and take a picture. Simple, but what some people wrote completely took me aback. Some of it was really touching and honest and others made me spit my Fanta all over my monitor. It took me a while to go through all the photos and you have no idea how hard it was to show some self-restraint and not post at least 80% of the images. Seriously, check the rest out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter,

My friend, my love, my dear. I know what you're thinking. I'm not writing you this letter to demand for alimony or to kiss your sister to spite you (I'm sorry about that, by the way), or to post pictures of you in compromising positions on Facebook (I'm sorry about that, too), or even to dack you when I knew that you were menstruating and you didn't have a pad at the time (I'm not sorry, that was hilarious...I'm totally kidding, I'm sorry). I'm just here to tell you, that I love you.

This may come as a shock to you. I know we haven't always been the closest of friends or even friendly to each other at any point. Our marriage was rocky and abusive, but it was still a marriage, and I'm sorry about declaring your tits too saggy and running away with the younger secretary from my office with the bangin' body, Spring. I've now realised the error of my ways. Spring has proven to be a complete shitty bitch shit at the best of times and way, way too hot for me. She's so hot that it hurts, baby doll. And the other day she wanted to rope me from a basketball hoop and make me sing the French national anthem in pig latin (I didn't do it). I know I always criticised you on your cold demeanor, but I've come to appreciate it. I was even considering leaving Spring for Summer, but she's a total S TO THE LUT and she's slept with my best friend, Teddy and I hear that she has multiple STDs and tried to crack onto your dad but your dad is senile and...

Anyway what I'm trying to say is , how about for old time's sake? You and me and the heater, tomorrow night. I love you. I miss you.

Jess xx

P.S: Outfits I'd wear on dates with you, if you'd take me back -

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nasty Gal Vintage

Another post choc-a-block full of images and fashion-y shit. I'm not sure what's gotten into me lately but I just can't seem to blog about anything else but fashion. This isn't meant to be a primarily fashion blog, more of a personal one but maybe its starting to head in that direction. I'm not sure if I like that or not, but for all I know, I may start blogging about the colour of my poop and how long I took to eat my dinner.

...I sure hope not, for your sake.

Anyway, I've known about Nasty Gal a while ago but I never entertained the notion that I would ever actually shop there.

1. I don't have a job.
2. The "vintage" is actually exorbitantly priced. Like, VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE. Maybe not to a lot of the richer fashion bloggers, but for a 16 year old student who has no money and no job, the sight of the prices on Nasty Gal freak me the fuck out. All the more popular vintage clothing sellers on ebay have crazy crazy prices. Imagine the profit they're making, man. Seriously. Alright, before I start spawning a plan to create my own vintage e-store, onto the clothing:

Oh my god. Look at that cardi. That is an EPIC, EPIC CARDIGAN. I'm pretty sure it's easy to DIY but I am lazy and that is godly and lakfjladkjfldajfa. Have a nice day, guys.

All clothing from Nasty Gal