Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've never really been satisfied with my hair, and instead of fixing the problem I spend my time salivating over pictures of other people's hair. This was going to be a short, quick post but it turns out that my Hairspiration folder has been hitting the donuts and is way, way more fat than I had initially expected. So, hold on to your toupées and try to ignore the fact that I'm probably sexually assaulting your internet with so many images.

My own hair history hasn't been that interesting. Bowl cuts, scary witch banshee do's, lion manes, irregular bangs. It hasn't been pretty, and maybe I'll show y'all with pics one day, as a last resort blog post.

Hair Bucket List:
- Dye hair baby pink all over. Or electric blue, like Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I loved Clementine's hair, it was beautiful.
- Do a pixie. I've wanted to since 5 years ago, but never grew the balls to do so.
- Grow my hair to my ass, stop washing it and start shunning shoes, hygiene and violence. Join greenpeace...or at least the RSPCA and be a hippie heathen for a while.

Monday, October 19, 2009


A bit too much image obesity, but I couldn't help myself. Vivetta is so fucking gorgeous, I wanted to post everything.

Spring/Summer 2010 -

LOOK AT THE FIRST DRESS, IT'S LIKE A LAMPSHADE. Usually I take offense when anyone likens what I'm wearing to granny household items (curtains, lampshades etc), but this is so ridiculous that it's cute. Its definitely something I would at least wear to Halloween - install a light bulb underneath the skirt and paint the rest of your body stainless steel silver, and you've got yourself a sexy ass lamp costume.

If this collection were a person it'd be your grandma, but more hip.

Autumn/Winter 2009/2010 -

First off - the cats. WOW. It's a bit sugary sweet and preschooly, but GODDAMN THAT IS CUTE. There is no way you would not find those skirts cute, unless you're the type of person who spends their time making babies cry, which in that case, I want you to get the fuck out of my blog.

If this were a person, it'd be a 5 year old kid dipped in a vat of pastel hundreds and thousands coated kittens made out of marshmallows.

Spring/Summer 09

Really loving the circular glasses, the peter pan collars, the bow-backed sailor dress, the colours.

If this were a person, it'd be that OCD hygiene lady from Glee...don't really know why it reminds me of her. Or it'd the owner of a lemonade stand. Orrrrr, if this were a person, it would be me, in a different dimension where things are 500 times better, where water is made out of pureed rainbows, where unicorns replace cars, where boys with British accents grow from trees.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Days

Not in a blogging mood...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Polar Opposites.

Beret: Morgan & Taylor, Myer (gift).
White boys blazer: JoAnne's New & Used Clothing. ($5)
Leopard scarf: Bankstown Salvos, ($3)
Black tank top: Cotton On. ($5)
Pink Chiffon Skirt: "@Topshop" ($10)
Satchel bag: Bankstown Smith Family Store ($8)
Studded Mary Jane heels: Glamourpuss (gift)

I'm going to do some good old karaoke and eat some not that good Korean BBQ (seriously, the food they give you is way, way too mediocre to be classified as a "buffet". Damn Koreans.) What scares me is that in about 4 days or so, I'm going to die. Literally. Not literally, but close enough. HSC scares the shit out of my bowels and I do not want to go back to school to face it. My study habits right now are non-existant, so to jump from invisible study habits to being a good little student makes me anxious and is not really achievable at all.

My sister and I tried to do some mid-air shots, which obviously didn't work, because all of them turned out looking like I was in the middle of doing a shit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sretsis S/S 2010 'Make My Heart Melt'

Sretsis always, always, always gets it right. I would wear every single one of these pieces, it looks like a unicorn ate a piece of cotton candy and shat it out into a glittery bowl.

You can check out the rest here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I know the hype built around this movie is ridiculous, and that there's a high possibility that it won't meet my expectations, BUT I AM FUCKING PSYCHED AS HELL FOR IT. My friend gave me a false alarm before by exclaiming that it's being released in Aussie cinemas next week (it isn't). So to calm my insatiable appetite, I've been collecting and surviving on Where the Wild Things are inspired goodies.

1. Booooooom's Where The Wild Things Are Fort Competition. You build a fort, just like when you were a kid (my fort involved my cupboard and the realisation that I couldn't get out), you win a bus shelter sized movie poster and a WTWTA Xbox 360. I was going to participate, but the deadline is tonight, I don't have enough umbrellas...or enough wo/manpower. A few of my fave entries:

You can see the rest here, here, here and here.

2. Opening Ceremony's tongue-in-cheek WTWTA inspired clothing line. If my dream closet and a few forest animals married, and consummated that marriage, this would be the end result. I would bury my face in these divine babies for all of eternity if I could, but I have better things to do and not enough cash to do it anyway. PS, it's all faux fur, but for all you savages - some pieces are available in real fur.

And some of the rest...

3. WTWA cake.
4. WTWA Skateboards by Girl Skateboards.
5. Comic figurines by Comics Infinity.
6. Cupcakes.
7. Bento Boxes!
8. Inspired fashion shoot.
9. Home decor.
10. MAX'S TAIL!! on etsy.
11. Inspired song.

And just for fun - somebody ranks this year's furry characters on sexiness.

Friday, October 9, 2009

On a Boat.

Playsuit: Forever new, $99.95
Shoes: Birthday gift (Glamourpuss, RRP $300, went down to $200 than $150 than $50 :D)
Clutch: Portmans, $60 (courtesy of uncle)
Snake upper arm bracelet: Equip, $7.50
Disco bangle: Equip, $5.00
Lion head ring: Equip, $5.00
Leopard ring: Equip, $5.00
Butterfly ring: Diva, $7.50
Gemstone ring: Diva, $5.00
Makeup: Mother
Hair: Theresa (from Earmuffed) and Sophie.

In dot points, because I am still tired from the 4 hours of dancing in spiky shoes last night, random snippets of what I remember:

The chaos that was my room during the last hour leading up to the event.

Some of the other dresses.

> Rocking up to an appointment for hair & makeup with 3 of my friends...finding a note on the door saying "Come back tomorrow." Massive freak out. Race to this Asian sector of Bankstown. Go to the first hair and makeup place we see. Makeup artist looks HIDEOUS, is wearing bright green eyeshadow and looks like a tranny. Walk around, go into 5 different places that all turn us down. Consider going into an African salon and getting dreads. Wasting 1 hour. End up going home and getting my mother to do it for us.
> Going there, fully made up and dressed up...by public transportation. Proved to be risky, as we got a coke thrown at us through a passing train window, a creepy middle aged man was trying to take pictures of us using his camera phone, and people kept giving us crazy eyes.
> Walking to the boat from Wynyard station with gale-force winds attacking us from all sides. The combination of staggering heels, murderous weather and the confused stares of passerbys proved to be lethal, some girls and one guy breaking down in the middle of the street and shielding themselves from the world with their jackets.
> Delicious food.
> The boat rocking.
> Going onto the top deck and shouting abuse at seagulls. Humans: 1, Seagulls: 0.
> A blur of bodies gyrating to Top 40 hits and screaming the lyrics incoherently into each other's faces.
> A lot of sweat.
> Some accessory-inflicted injuries.
> Getting my fingers stuck in my hair due to the amount of hairspray in it.
> Dancing to Single Ladies and Jai Ho (the real deal, I have no idea when or why I memorised both those dances.)
> Hearing songs that we had no idea what they were, but dancing enthusiastically anyway.
> The 90 degree angle of the stairs to the girl's bathroom.
> Losing my camera about 14 times, finding it in at least 7 different hands and once on the edge of a window sill.
> Dancing with an ex-workmate and screaming at the top of our lungs "WE'RE UNEMPLOYED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
> Talking to the waiter about his holidays and ham.
> Taking my shoes off in the car and being unable to move my toes.
> Getting Mcdonald's, and water in a coke bottle? at midnight.
> Finding 500 UFOs (Unidentified Friend's Objects) in my room. Guys, claim your shit.

Now we wait for Year 12 formal.