Sunday, April 13, 2014

Denim Rodeo Red-dy

Mavi 'Alissa' High-Rise Jeans in Midnight; Mossman 'Arrows are Soaring' Knit, Mossman Crop top; Senso Boots; Hat from Glebe Markets

Yesterday a friend and I set up markets to sell off all our unwanted clothes at Glebe Markets. Having never run a market stall before, here are my three takeaway lessons.

1. GO EARLY. 10 minutes before the market opens is not good enough - you will be scrambling to set up faulty clothing racks while market-goers are tentatively rooting through unopened garbage bags of clothing. You will be flustered and you will accidentally hit yourself in the face with a pole.
2. Do not buy clothing racks from K-Mart for $20. Because they will break on you. Multiple times. I'm talking about a complete collapse.
3. Prepare for rainy weather. Holding an umbrella over my little box of shoes for hours on end has given me uneven biceps.

Oh, and don't go to the markets to sell all your unwanted clothes and come home with other people's unwanted clothes. Hence the hat. I went off to get us some lunch and I came back and was all "I bought a hat for $5, guys". 

But guess what - my hat matches my shiny new Senso boots and I don't even care if this is a cardinal farshunz sin. Markets: 0, Jess: 1. 

I only recently rediscovered jeans - I never really gave them the time of day and owned a single worn-out pair of Cheap Mondays that never zipped up completely at the crotch. Enter Mavi's 'Alissa' jeans. I honestly am the last person to be wearing jeans, but these ones are so damn comfy not to. And they're one of the only pairs I've found that happily accomodate my 'disproportionately large legs and bum' due to squatting (thanks for the wake up call, fashion blogger friends and boyfriend).


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amish Amash

Dress: Urban Outfitters UK; Boots: Senso; Vest: Joyce & Jade, Bag: Tilkah; Necklace: Markets

My friend Jade told me I looked like a 'hot Amish girl' this morning in this get-up. I'm not sure Amish girls would be able to get away with the little come-hither slits on this dress - slits on a midi floral dress...the best kind of contradiction. 

One of the greatest joys of adulthood and full time work (not being sarcastic, bear with me), are the weekends. To fully appreciate the weekend, you need to have worked in retail. And you need to have worked in retail during Christmas. Weekends were an unknown commodity that other people enjoyed all throughout high school and university. Countless days spent inside kissing the feet of the consumer only to weep at the volume of beach photos on Instagram from other people as soon as I got home. I happily now spend my weekends romping, buying gourmet food items that are out of my budget and unnecessarily complicated (activated anything, anyone?), catching up with friends, laying by the pool reading or studying and generally appreciating what an incredible joy weekends actually are. With the weekend comes the weekend-end, and although I'm now staring Monday dead in the eyes, I'm still happy and relaxed. Maybe it's just the single glass of red wine I've had (my tolerance for alcohol has not improved yet, still. I often go out on one glass of red. I calculated it takes me $2 worth of wine to get tipsy. True story.) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Diary: H&M Melbourne Launch

A copy of the magazine on the H&M Party jet (not really, it was a very sensible sit-down, seatbelted affair). 

One of the gazillion store entrances - what was bizarre was the general public milling about outside keening to take a geeze at who was going to the opening night - sorry guys, it's just me. And Chris Lilley.

An army of security guards disguised as mannequins. They say that H&M has a very low theft rate.

This week has been a bit of a blur for me. I spent most of Wednesday vomiting my guts out and snoozing until mid afternoon, and Thursday/Friday I was flown down to Melbourne to attend the H&M opening - which was really, really rad. I've never actually been down to Melbourne, and missed the national group convo on Whatsapp that divulged crucial information about Melbourne being friggin' cold. There was a H&M chartered plane, which felt like a really strange school excursion for #fashun pplz, and I have never seen so many Celine bags and the colour black in one confined area. We stayed at the Crown Metropol - Nicole, Helen, Steph, Nadia, Jacqui and I had a little Whatsapp group going on and half the texts were either "THERE ARE ROBES!" or "THE TOILET IS SO COOL". The toilet really was that cool. I spent the majority of my night dancing to The Best Of Pharrell (thank you, whoever made that playlist on Spotify) in my robe and ordering toothpaste from room service. For more on the toothpaste/hotel conspiracy, read up on it here. 

H&M was intense. It occupied this huuuuuuuge building, was three levels tall and I lost everyone I knew at least three times. Only one of those times was out of choice - nobody else seemed as enamoured with the sportswear section as I was. The surprising thing about H&M for me was the sheer variety - there is literally something for everyone. I've only been exposed to the very tailored selection that fashion bloggers from Europe purchase from H&M, so in my head it was a super-charged trend factory - I would never have known there was a sportswear section, a suiting section, and also kids and homewares. The rest of the night in no particular order: Haim DJ'ed, we all swooned a little, I tried to get a photo taken with Chris Lilley, and we tried on as many hats as we could possibly try on in a limited amount of time (only four were tried on). Everything is dirt cheap, I bought a skirt for $6, and as one of my friends cried out as I passed her "this umbrella is $2.95! How can I not?!" 

Obligatory wing shot

The view from the Crown Metropol ft. Tilkah bag.

Wearing Cameo the Label bustier and shorts, Saxony blazer, Senso shoes, Tilkah Bag and The Scarlet Room necklace, posing in a random alleyway, as fashion blogging law dictates.

Bumping into Connie and Martan is the best kind of bumping.

Wearing Mavi Jeans, Ninewest sandals, a giant wool scarf included in the H&M goodie bag because lacking common sense, I did not think to pack a jacket, H&M bralet and Diva necklace

Breakfast the morning after across the lane from Hardware Societe - if people are lining up to eat at this cafe at 8am in the goddamn morning on a Friday, it must be good. This place was called Silo by Joost, and it was pretty cool - it's ethos was no-waste, and gave us about 10 times the recommended serving size for honey. 

Walking away from a huge fast fashion store launch with a giant novelty phone case? I'd call that win.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On being a savings leopard and changing my spots

Skirt and Singlet: Topshop; Shoes: Senso; Sunnies and bag: My friend Jade's, from Korea, Jacket: Bettina Liano

A lesson: One does not simply 'pop by' Topshop after work while it's on sale.  An innocent breeze through becomes farcical once you glance back guiltily at the destruction your frenzied bargain tornado created. Case in point: this top and skirt were both from Topshop, purchased at my most vulnerable - the day after payday. You try and resist me justifying a bright blue leopard print pencil skirt and its versatility - you can't beat me. I'm the master of self persuasion. And the top? I bought the same one in a different colour a few months back for full price, and to see it at over 50% off? Jess: 1, Topshop: 0. My boyfriend says I have hoarding issues - I say that it doesn't count if it's clothes.

Financial responsibility has never been something that would even come close to being listed as a personality strength on my online dating profile. Savings were always a giant metaphorical slippery fish refusing to stay within my grasp. Having moved out, acquired a full time job and a put my grown-up hat on (there isn't really a grown-up hat), not spending all my money on fifteen different flavours of protein and 15 books a week (I like to think I read at speedy pace. Unfortunately for me, not 15-books-a-week-speedy) was inevitable. I'm still grappling with it, but it's slowly coming along. Why did my parents never sign me up to one of those Commonwealth Dollarmite bank accounts? How did 13 year old Jess skip lunch and save up 4 weeks worth of pocket money to buy the latest Gwen Stefani album?

In other news my life now is about drinking McGuigans Black Label EIGHT DOLLAR wine (seriously, what and why is this wine so cheap), sitting in my underwear on the couch and eating fake vegetarian chicken schnitzels. I hope I have made you sufficiently jealous (not really).