Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Block shorts suits with animal print and oversized wooden necklaces purchased for a dollar are probably not outfits that you wear to work, but you wear to strut around and feel a little sassy and important. Which was the exact purpose of this outfit - taken what seems like a million years ago in front of my apartment back in Sydney.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Blazer by Jaggar the Label; Custom Cons by Converse; Skirt by Alice + Olivia; Crop by Cameo the Label; Clutch made by Tara Milk Tea

An old outfit post I've been meaning to get up here mashed up with a terrible verbal diary of my 4th July weekend. My camera decided to cark it over the last week and I've been cruising the world of low megapixel, terrible low-light performance happy snaps. 

My boyfriend, a few of his friends and I drove up to Finger Lakes - correction, they drove, I had no part in the driving. This is not because I am a selfish useless sack of nothing (well, kind of) - I still don't have my license. The drive was about five hours and we ended up in this strange world where American flags are hung above every doorstep, people leave their doors unlocked 24/7 (I woke up at least twice on the first night terrified there would be a man in overalls with an axe standing by the foot of the bed), and where pancakes are served with bacon in a non-ironic hip way and they cost a total of $4.

I tried Wendy's for the first time. Wendy's in Australia is a combination of terrible ice cream, donuts, smoothies and hot dogs. Wendy's here is like McDonalds on crack. I bought a CUP of ice cream for $1. AND nuggets for $1. I'm not entirely sure how they make money because they were practically giving away food for free, and I can see why America has a weight problem because I had a problem stopping myself from engorging myself on $1 nuggets.

The other life changing food experience was having breakfast at a diner for the first time - I'm talking unlimited $1.50 cups of pour over drip coffee with half 'n' half, massive pancakes and servings of ham/bacon.  For our actual 4th July celebrations, we cooked up burgers with a side of corn, put on a Spotify playlist of sweeping American anthems and had a bit of a BBQ in the fading afternoon sunlight. It was wonderful, and exactly what I imagine the 4th July in America is supposed to be like. The next two days were a combination of major lady boners for nature (Watkins Glen state park and Niagara Falls) and more terrible lip-smacking American feeds and long car rides.

 Leaving NY for a few days made me forget that it existed and made me just a little homesick - the ride home really did feel like I was returning to Sydney. It was pretty fantastic to see nature again, it's almost as if living in this city has made me forget that there are places that aren't just rubbish bags, honking and strange smells emanating from seemingly nowhere in particular. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NY Summer with Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

I teamed up with Lenovo, they thought that the new Yoga 2 Pro would fit with my lifestyle (travel, yoga, fashion, blogging). We partnered on a Q & A to discuss how I am setting into my new life in the Big Apple.

Lenovo sent me the Yoga 2 Pro just prior to my move to the Big Apple. I’ve never personally used a tablet before, or owned one myself – it was one of those appliances that I never had a massive use for. I have a Kindle, I don’t play candy crush, and I’m not a jet-setting business person needing to do official looking work on planes. The Yoga 2 Pro, though, is more like a giant transformative laptop/tablet hybrid that lets you bend it in a 360 degree arc, similar to that of the creepy girl in the Exorcist but much more functional. I’ve actually used it quite a fair bit since they’ve sent it to me, with the ‘Stand’ and ‘Tent’ mode great for some of the apps bundled in – like their yoga app when I’m too lazy to haul ass five metres down the street to my studio, or the recipe/cooking app, which I’ve yet to use. I live with a chef who cooks it up at some fancy-pants restaurant in the West Village, and his girlfriend is equally as talented in the culinary stakes. Living in a household of chefs makes me seriously doubt my ability to cook (especially since I only learnt how to fry eggs about a year ago. True story.)

I’ve endeavoured to get better at it, though – especially since eating out in NY is freakin’ expensive. I don’t even care if brunch is two meals combined, because it’s a weird time of day and I end up spending more on Liquiteria smoothies and misc snacks in between meals. The Yoga 2 Pro will hopefully help me out on that front.

The design is also great for the Kindle app – it makes the experience much more visual and glossy, and being able to see it in a shelf format for the store is a whole lot more engaging than my black and white Kindle.
Lenovo have asked me to answer a few questions about myself – part one will be on all things about the move and long distance, since I’ve had a few e-mails from you guys. The second part, which I’ll post next month, will be on my general fitness routine and exercise habits.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro gifted by Lenovo

1.      Lenovo: How was the long-haul plane ride from Sydney, Australia to New York City? Do you have any travel tips you can share?
Terrible. I had misguided perceptions of how great the trip and the food would be – I’m the type of person that loves pre-packaged stale-ish hospital food, so airplane food wasn’t too far off. I burned through an entire season of Hamish and Andy’s Asia Gap Year, but clocked about 0.5 hours sleep in the entire 18 hour flight. Ultimately not too bad, but points taken away for the unfortunately tall dude sitting next to me who’s legs spilled into my personal space for 99% of it.

2.      Lenovo: How did you decide to make the move to NYC? Do you have any advice for anyone considering moving abroad?
I was originally going to move to NY in 2015 and take advantage of the J-1 visa that students are eligible for in the first year of graduation. Le boyfriend moved over in February, and I didn’t see anything that was holding me back to speed the move up.

It was hard. I guess I never fully sat down and thought about how important the physical aspect of a relationship is and it didn’t hit me until he was on the plane and there was nobody there to cuddle after a hard day at work. It especially hit hard once my housemate went away on his navy ship and I lived alone for a while. This was equal parts depressing (see: tweets about drinking protein shakes in the nude and listening to rap at high volume) and awesome (see: tweets about drinking protein shakes In the nude and listening to rap at high volume).
In all seriousness, though, it was ultimately a great experience for the relationship. You put in serious work on the communication front, you’re much more considerate and you’re actively looking for ways to be closer despite the distance. You also learn to have a thick skin in the midst of nay-sayers dooming your long distance relationship before it’s even begun.

I am now also an expert on the time zone difference between NY and Sydney, and the ins and outs of Google Hangouts.  

3.      Lenovo: How have you spent the first few weeks in the city that never sleeps? What are you favourite things to do so far?
This is the first time I’ve been unemployed since legal employment age (14 and 9 months) so it’s been a bit of an adjustment. I’m in an entirely different city in a country I’ve never been to, so I definitely appreciate the time off to explore and meet new people, but I’ve had silly expectations on what’s the acceptable time frame to have found a job. I’ve now found a job that I’m 10000% excited to start and know I will do well at, so I’m happy. Otherwise, spending a lot of money on food, lining up (this city is nuts about lining up for everything), meeting rad New York-ians, and enjoying my endless Summer.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my NYC Q & A coming soon.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Concrete Jungle

Dress: By Fabitoria; Shoes: from Glue Store; Hat: Urban Outfitters
Photos by Stephanie Huang from High Stitched Voice

My first NY outfit post was an interview-to-street situation that involved simple maths. Minus one blazer, add one straw cap and ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom. You have yourself a sun-smart, armpit-freeing get-up to explore the sweltering city in. 

I always used to think that I was very much a Summer girl - someone who enjoyed a good romp under the sun, by the pool, at the beach. Moving to NY has turned me into a non-Summer person. The sun is all well and good until you're three inches deep in grime and sweat and the subway is threatening to melt you down and make you part of it. There is no grace in a NY Summer - there is no water! 

I'm so excited to see snow for the first time in my life but I know for now that I need to appreciate this weather while it lasts. A good sweatin' never hurt anyone - I mean, I pay for bikram yoga, so I could make the most out of a very hot situation and pull some downward dogs on the subway next time it's starting to feel a little stuffy.

And on to the friendly folk who befriended me while Steph shot me on a street in the West Village - Mr. PeaceFingers declared he and I were BFFLz. We go way back. And in the very last photo of my back, there's a blurred out man smiling back at me - this was taken about 2 seconds before he complimented me on my outfit, my eternal radiance and my dressmaking skills (he seemed to be under the impression I made my dress. I wish. I have Fabitoria to thank for that). I feel as though the catcalling here is so much more PG than in Sydney, and done so for the sake of complimenting rather than to creep ous. Maybe it's in the water, but polite cat-calling seems to be the name of the game in NY. Dudes seem to be all about waving hi from their cars or calling out sweet nothings, like 'hola chica'.