Sunday, April 26, 2015


Dressing 'casually' has come to me slowly - call it New York's eternal sneaker vibe influence, or the passing of time and age, but wearing heels and dressing 'up' is something that I do a lot less. I can't decide sometimes whether it's a tragedy of personal style or an inevitable process of maturity that just needs to happen. I can't forever be walking around in five different prints and a XXL jacket that I'm wearing as pants, right?

Or can I? The weather is another component that comes into play - there's nothing like your first below-freezing winter to streamline the getting dressed process in the morning. I, for one, can't afford to buy fifty down jackets to ensure variety in my daily outfits when there's nothing that I want more than comfort and a single day where I don't slip and slide all over an icy footpath like a newborn deer. The coming of Spring has brought upon more colors, shorter hemlines, the re-birth of my clavicle; yet I'm still being drawn to neutrals, denim and knits.

I haven't yet committed to either style, and I'm hovering right now in the in-between, where I have a desire to be cool, professional and grown-up, sipping on a full strength iced coffee (which I never will be able to do, since my body immediately enters spaz mode when I move close to any source of caffeine); and raiding a thrift store like my 13 year old self and mixing/matching prints and shapes like nobody's business.

Not entirely sure what this post serves to do outside of trying to make sense of the ramblings in my head, but its a start. Forever New sent me most of this rad outfit, and I'm feeling all types of cozy/grown up.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bushwick Blues

Photos by XSSAT Street Photography (Ashka Shen)
Shoes: Converse x CDG; Cardigan: Missguided; Shorts: CHOIES; Singlet: Marikit by Kitty Choi

When I say Bushwick Blues, there's not much that I mean outside of how long it takes sometimes after a few drinks on a Friday night to get home when the M train has gone to bed. The suburb (this is definitely not what New Yorkers call them - in fact I'm not entirely sure what they're called...areas?) has proven itself to be charming, alive and grimy in all the right ways. There are multiple (moderately priced) cafes and bars around the area, and I've even adopted (this is not official) the bodega cat around the corner. I can also finally stop whinging about the New York cold, because Spring has officially announced itself with balmy 70 degree plus days and torrential rain. 

This week has been a little chaotic. The last few weeks have been more than a little chaotic - it all came to an epic peak on the weekend while I was stress-eating 'chili' chocolate, felt something crunchy in my mouth and found out (POST-swallowing) that it wasn't chili that I had bit and swallowed, but a part of my tooth. A whole half of my back molar. Lesson learned: don't go back to a dentist that already ruined a simple filling. Mess my teeth up once, shame on you - mess my teeth up TWICE, shame on my faith in Bankstown dentists.

In the same day, I had a complete lapse in my ability to function, placed an electric kettle on my stove top and fired it up. It subsequently burst into flames as I was Swiffering the floor, and the worst part about it all was my blank stare at the direction of the flames and a simple thought: "why is that on fire?" My housemates and boyfriend were far less confused.

I've also been absent on the Instagram grind because my iPhone's camera decided to quit, and shortly after, so did my battery life. Is there a lesson to be learned here from buying phones on Craigslist? There may be, yet I'm not sure I've learned it, because I was just looking at iPhone 6 Plus models for $400 cheaper on Craigslist. You can take me out of my penny-saving childhood home, but you can't take my mother's bargain-hunting beast out of me (hello, buying everything in bulk. Especially Mi Goreng). 

At the end of the day, I'm in New York, I live in a sweet house with sweet kiwi decals on the walls, awesome housemates and my boyfriend gives me massages on demand. Life is great, broken electric kettles and lack of teeth be damned. I also get to wear knit tanks for this in-between seasonal weather and get away with going out in sneakers (heels? Don't remember what they are).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spoil Sport

Entire outfit from Missguided

'Black is the new black' has never been a statement that I fully pledged allegiance to - my wardrobe is a smorgasbord of prints, colors and clashing everything, and my wardrobe seems to have multiple personalities that changes on the whim of my mood and the weather. I'm not quite at a level where I can wear full black yet without feeling I'm definitely not tall or cool enough for it, and every time I try, it's usually just layers and layers of random textures to make myself feel a little more interesting. I guess wearing full black is how you personally interpret it, right? Black is chic, black is the life stuff of Parisians, black is a classic - somebody just needs to teach me how to do it right.  

White, however, is definitely a color (or lack of) that I can get down with. Outside of dressing like Beetlejuice, it lets me play around enough with prints and textures without drowning in it, and it's one baby step towards pretending like I'm in an old-timey B&W film strolling through the towering streets of Manhattan. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

11:11 - 1 Hotels

I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend, and its the first time I've had an active say in regards to the decor. This has proven to be a big mistake - I spend all my waking hours trawling Etsy, Ebay and Craigslist, and I'm now notorious among my new housemates for sending them a million different links to couches that look the same. I've never had this manic excitement for rugs, and mugs, and lampshades (I love lamp). My Etsy Home/Wall Art 'love' list spans more than 16 pages and it's growing - this interest has become terrifying. 

I think its so important to make your space yours, to come home and feel calm and happy and comfortable - shaggy rugs, ugly flowerpots and all. This is coming from someone who used to have a floor-drobe that was so immense that my boyfriend had to sit down and collect himself upon first seeing my room. How adulthood has changed me.

In a similar vein, this recent appreciation for design has made me latch upon1 Hotels ( - a new hotel being launched by Barry Sternlicht, the guy behind W Hotels. The new hotel is launching in Central Park will be launching Spring 2015, and everyone who signs up will receive 11% off all their stays for the next 11 years (think 11:11). This goes live starting now. There'll be farm to table dining, commitments to reduce carbon footprints and a whole host of other eco-friendly endeavors. I'm super excited to check it out, and will definitely be sharing more bits and pieces of design inspiration from the hotel when it opens. Here's to comfy couches, men with vans and great interior design.